Roller skating in Dubai is one of the most fun ways to spend your time. But if you’re a beginner or an intermediate skater, there’s always a chance you might get bored.  This is why it’s always important to introduce new aspects to your skill! Especially if you’re someone who’s into adventure, looking for skateboard and roller skating tricks can be the ideal solution. Further, a quick “skating classes in Dubai” search will give you qualified instructors who can teach it to you, too!

As a skater, there are so many different tricks you can do. Especially for roller skating in Dubai, the options are endless! But in our opinion, there are some tried and tested tricks that you absolutely should know. These can be flip tricks or grinds. Flip tricks are when the skateboard leaves your feet and flips or rotates. On the other hand, grinding is when you slide across surfaces using your board. How cool does that sound? Grapevines, backward skating, and spinning are tricks you can do if you want to roller skating in Dubai. Here are some of our best skateboarding tricks and tricks for roller skating in Dubai that everyone must know:

For Skateboarders:


We just learned what a flip and a grind is. Now, for this trick, we’ll put them together! Firstly, it’s important to know that you need both a minimum of experience doing flips and grinds for this. But don’t worry, all of Pursueit’s classes for skateboarding in Dubai will teach these basics. Once you have got that down, then you need to know what the trick does: ollies will allow you to jump off the ground, and thirdly, you need to understand the technique: you push down on the skateboard tail with your back foot while you jump into the air as the tail hits the ground. After this, use your front foot to level your footing by sliding it across the board. Put all of this together and you’ll do a perfect ollie and land on all four wheels.


Skateboarding in Dubai obviously has its perks and one such advantage is the areas you can practice this trick! A kickflip is something you commonly see people skating in Dubai do. Especially for beginners, skateboarding in Dubai, because it looks ultra-cool but is also doable with practice. A kickflip involves an entire 360-degree rotation of your skateboard. Further, it involves using your front foot toes to flick the heel side pocket of your board. Unlike a flip, the skateboard is rotating horizontally behind you. Keep reading to find out the other similar tricks people do while skating in Dubai!

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For Roller Skating in Dubai:


The name itself induces a certain level of excitement! Spinning around while roller skating in Dubai is something that’s going to make you feel like you’re flying. Also, this trick is recommended for anyone who can move on their wheels. Firstly here, make sure you’re in a clear space so you don’t bump into anyone. Secondly, spread your arms at ninety degrees and rotate your arms slowly. This aligns your skates to glide across the floor, making sure you turn slowly! Especially once you gain some momentum, you can start pushing your skates together to get into the perfect power box position, which looks like the picture-perfect spins you’ve seen on Instagram. Of course, this makes roller skating in Dubai sound a little difficult. But start with slower, easier glides and watch roller skating in Dubai get easier for you!


Roller skating in Dubai will introduce you to so many new tricks and this is a #1 among those! Every search for “skating classes near me” will give you instructors who will teach you grinds as a staple trick. To do a grapevine trick, you need to know how to skate forward and backward. Additionally, make sure your knees are bent and stay like that throughout. As you do this, you will feel yourself slide across the surface back and forth very smoothly! Basically, this entire trick looks like makes you look like a twisted grapevine and hence the name. Roller skating in Dubai is a truckload of fun when you know how to do these tricks! Further, try out the different techniques for this like flexing your ankles to make your learning process easier.  

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Final Thoughts

Of course, these are just the basic tips and tricks you can use while roller skating in Dubai. Additionally, you could combine these tricks to get better ones, or even make your own tricks! Whatever you chose to do, make sure you have a lot of fun with it. The obvious tip for roller skating in Dubai is to have the necessary protective gear with you. Especially your kneepads and helmet are crucial. When looking for “skating classes near me” on Pursueit, make sure you check out something that matches your skill level. This will ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience roller skating in Dubai. Also, don’t just read about these tricks, make sure you #GoPursueIt!

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