What Dance Classes Are Great For School-Age Kids?

In school, children develop important life skills like critical thinking, knowledge, and productivity. Many students in school will also get physical activity through recess, physical education, and sports. However, dance is another great extracurricular to throw into the mix. Many schools do not have intensive dance programs for children. Dance classes in Dubai are a great way to entertain your school-age children and will enhance aspects of their life, ranging from physical fitness to the music that they appreciate. Let’s take a look at some of the different dance classes available to school age kids through Pursueit. 

Contemporary dance classes for school-aged kids 

More traditional dance classes, like ballet, can be challenging for children. For example, they might not like the competitive nature of the type of dance or they may want to engage with more contemporary music that they listen to throughout their day. A contemporary dance class through Pursueit combines classical techniques with modern forms of dance, letting children enjoy dance with the music that they encounter every day. 

Hip Hop dance classes for school-aged kids

Hip hop has more room for freestyle dance than many different dances. Children will be able to dance in any way that they are feeling. A hip hop class can help kids break out their creativity, letting them enjoy the music that they are listening to. After learning the basic moves, your child will be able to move any way that they want to. 

In a hip hop class, your child will start with some of the basic moves, including breakdancing. This is a type of friendly dance off between dancers, which can help your child work on their social skills. Some of the other techniques that they will learn include the footwork and powermoves that are popular in hip hop dancing. 

Bollywood dance classes for school-aged kids

There is a certain level of dramatism with Bollywood dancing that people of all ages love. These include the facial expressions, the cinematic aspect, and the cardio. This is a popular dance across the world. Since it’s often done in a large-group setting, kids can also work on making friends and developing their social skills. The exciting elements of the dance and the social setting make it exciting to learn and fun to watch. There are also traditional Indian dance moves incorporated that make Bollywood enticing to learn.

In either a group or online setting, children can learn the moves of Bollywood. They will be able to work on maintaining their overall fitness in a fun and supportive environment. Bollywood is a dance that is accessible to both boys and girls. 

Ballet dance classes for school-aged kids

Ballet can be an exciting experience for children. Ballet classes help students learn about things like flexibility, gracefulness, and discipline. It helps work things like physical coordination and posture and engedners mental strength and focus. In a class setting, students can learn this dance in a friendly, non-competitive environment. Ballet classes will help students build their confidence, mastering some of the most basic and advanced ballet techniques. Here are some of the things that students will learn in their very first ballet classes:

  • The five basic foot positions.
  • The five basic arm positions.
  • How to stretch appropriately to get the maximum movement possible. 
  • Perfection of the art of pointed feet. 

Why are dance classes good for school-aged kids?

Dance helps children utilize their entire body and work on their physical fitness, flexibility and balance. Additionally, it helps with stamina, posture, and strength. In addition to the health benefits of dancing, it helps with emotional, social, and cognitive development. Children learn lifelong valuable lessons, such as dedication, discipline, and focus. These transition well over to school and work, areas that will help your child throughout their life. 

Not only do dance classes help children master things like timeliness and preparation, they will also become committed to their dance class since it nets many positive benefits in their life. 

Take a dance class with Pursueit 

Dance classes through Pursueit are a great way to introduce kids to a great performing art form. All dance classes are taught by a professional teacher who will instill confidence and a love of dance. Dance classes with Pursueit are also a great opportunity for an extracurricular if your child does not have access to a dance program through their school. 


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