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What to expect in your first few skateboarding classes?
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Fascinated by skateboarding? Planning to learn some tricks by joining skateboarding classes?

Taking skateboarding classes is a great way to learn the basics and get started. If you are curious about what to expect from your first few skateboarding classes, here is it.

This article aims to give you an understanding of what beginners can expect to learn in their initial skateboarding classes, from safety guidelines to basic manoeuvres and common pitfalls to avoid.


In your first skateboarding class, your instructor will emphasize the necessity of wearing safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards, and how to adjust them properly.

Additionally, they will explain the safety rules for skateboarding in various environments to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Mounting a skateboard

Your skateboard lessons will likely start with an introduction to the different parts of a skateboard.

Following this, you will learn how to properly mount and dismount your skateboard. Getting on the board and getting off it could seem like simple activities, but it can be challenging for beginners to do it right and safely.

Mounting often occurs with a push and is not a stationary activity. For learning purposes, your instructor may teach you to mount and dismount the skateboard with minimal skateboard movement.

Balancing on your skateboard

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Once you are comfortable mounting your skateboard, you’ll learn how to balance on your skateboard. It is an important skill and allows you to stay upright and maintain control of the skateboard.

Your instructor may take you through some exercises and drills to help you improve your balance, like repeatedly mounting and dismounting, standing on the board for a longer duration, standing on one foot, or moving the board while holding onto a wall or railing.

Moving on a skateboard

Once you are comfortable standing and balancing on your skateboard, you’ll learn how to move around on the skateboard. Your instructor will teach you how to push off and start moving. You will start with very slow movements to allow for quick and easy stops.

Your instructor will demonstrate the proper technique for each of these movements. They may have you practice them in a controlled environment, such as along the wall or in other designated areas.

Stopping your skateboard

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Breaking and stopping on your skateboard is a crucial skill. Your instructor will show you how to bring down the speed and come to a halt safely by employing a variety of methods. Note that there are usually no breaks on the skateboard, and there are certain special manoeuvres you should learn to stop movement.

You will learn and practice different methods to slow down and come to a halt, like tail scrapping, foot scrapping, slide stopping, and more.

Some of these methods help you when you are already slow, and some help you to break speed quickly and stop. There are also special manoeuvres when you are skateboarding downhill.

Turn your skateboard

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You may also learn how to turn your skateboard in the first few classes. Your instructor will show you how to lean or even pivot into a turn and appropriately shift your weight to negotiate a turn effectively. Knowing to turn will also help you learn to do certain breaking manoeuvres on the skateboard.

Falling safely

You will also learn to fall safely. Yes, you heard that right. Falling is almost an inevitable part of learning to skateboard. Knowing how to fall properly, will minimize the impact and chance of injury.

Your instructor will guide you with the proper ways to fall off a skateboard when you lose balance or if there is a collision.

Remember that no one is immune to falling. With the knowledge and skills to minimize the impact of a fall, you’ll be better equipped and confident to resume your practice.

Overall, your first few classes will build a foundation to help you get more comfortable on the skateboard and have better control over your body, the board, and balance. Soon, you will be ready to learn advanced skateboarding skills like riding over obstacles like rails and ramps, doing skateboard stunts and more.

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