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Woodworking: Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship

Woodworking is an extremely popular hobby throughout the world. After drawing, scrapbooking, and crocheting, many households have family members that enjoy woodworking. Woodworking is therapeutic for some people, helping them decompress after a long day of work. Other people enjoy woodworking because it helps them focus their creative energies into making something tangible. Some people take their woodworking abilities and turn them into an additional source of income. Let’s take a look at how you can get started on woodworking with a basic furniture making course.

What are some of the benefits of learning woodworking? 

When you start woodworking, you will learn a variety of new skill sets. Perhaps you aren’t too handy with tools. A woodworking course will teach you how to use basic tools from around your home. 

Woodworking will also teach you how to pay attention to safety. You will learn the importance of wearing protective eyewear and how to use tools carefully. 

What types of furniture will you learn how to make?

With the woodworking course from  Pursueit, you will learn how to make different types of furniture. You will get to make an outdoor piece of furniture, such as a chair, bench or shelving unit; a wooden accessory, such as a table lamp or a chandelier; and a piece of indoor furniture, such as a chair, table, or centerpiece. You will also learn how to professionally finish your pieces in the final class.

What characteristics are necessary to be a successful woodworker?

People who take up woodworking tend to have a few common characteristics: patience,  perseverance, and passion. Woodworking is not hard to learn, and you can learn to make furniture in just a few classes. If you are wanting to learn more about woodworking as a hobby, you will need to:

  1. Take a course where you learn the basics.
  2. Get a few books that describe projects that you are interested in. ‘
  3. Get tools.
  4. Purchase the material that you need for each project.

After the class, how long will it take to make a woodworking project? 

Generally speaking, the length of time that it takes to complete a woodworking project will depend upon the complexity of the project and your skill. Starting out, it may take you longer to complete basic projects. More experienced woodworkers will probably spend eight hours on a weekend making a small piece of furniture at home. Larger outdoor projects, like furniture sets, could take as long as a month. 

As you get more experienced with woodworking, you will be able to find plans and templates from your local hardware store or hobby store. Master woodworkers will be able to complete woodworking projects from images or videos that they find of completed projects that they like. The most experienced woodworkers will create their own plans and templates to create projects.

How do you stay safe while working with wood? 

When you are working with projects, there are a few rules that will always help you stay safe:

  1. Get the right personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety glasses, ear plugs, and gloves.
  2. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with any power tools you use and keep all the guards in place on your equipment. 
  3. Make sure to properly ventilate your workspace when working with stains and glues. 

What kinds of tools will you need for future woodworking projects? 

Down the road, you will need to expand your woodworking tool collection. You will need hand saws and power saws. Screw guns, hammers, rubber mallets, and planes will also be required. Additional tools you will need include measuring devices, levels, sawhorses, and a workbench. For most basic projects, you can expect to spend about 300 AED to 900 AED for basic tools to get the work done. 

How can you make money from woodworking? 

Many people take up woodworking as a hobby and develop their craft into a supplemental income. Some people make a good living from making projects and selling them. Here are some of the most profitable woodworking projects that you can complete:

  • Wooden toys: These types of toys are fast projects and will be popular with parents due to their uniqueness and durability. 
  • Picture frames: Picture frames can be made quickly and are popular with customers.
  • Wooden furniture: Furniture will take longer to make, but you can price it higher than other wood projects. 
  • Wooden accessories: Accessories will be mid-priced, but things like coat racks, centerpieces, and small furniture pieces will be quick and easy to make. 

The top woodworkers can command a great hourly rate, up to 75 AED an hour. As you get faster at making projects, you will be able to make more high-priced items to sell quickly. 

Is woodworking an expensive hobby to take up? 

After your tools are purchased, your largest expense will be lumber. Wood and lumber are more expensive now than in previous years because of supply and demand issues. However, scrap lumber will be available from contractors who have recently completed building projects. 

How will a woodworking course help you master the essentials of craftsmanship? 

A furniture making course is going to teach you the basics of woodworking. You will learn how to complete several small projects from start to finish. You will also learn to use a wide variety of basic tools and to professionally finish and stain the pieces that you make. You will take a course from a master woodworker who has years of experience with craftsmanship.