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Essential Swimming Equipment for Beginners
Essential Swimming Equipments - PursueIt

If you are beginning to learn to swim, or your kids are just starting out with swimming classes, here’s a list of must-have essential swimming equipment or gears.

In this beginners’ guide for swimming equipment, let’s go over some basic to advanced equipment that can help you improve your experience in the water and your swimming performance.

Swimming requires certain gear, such as swimsuits and goggles, which are essential for all swimmers. However, other items like fins, kickboards, and floatation devices can be utilized to improve specific aspects of technique and performance.

Beginners can also benefit from items like kickboards and pull buoys to help build confidence and skills while in the water. Training tools like snorkel, paddles, and tempo trainers can also be used to enhance performance but should be utilized with proper instruction and a gradual increase in training intensity to prevent injury and achieve optimal results.

1. Swimsuit

This is an absolute necessity if you are planning to enter a swimming pool. It is important to note that swimsuits aren’t just for aesthetic or personal preference but also to enhance your swimming experience, offer comfort in the water, and maintain hygiene.

Firstly, the swimsuit reduces drag and makes you more hydrodynamic.

You may choose the swimsuit by yourself or consult with your trainer. There are various options available for you to choose from. Some people prefer more coverage, while others prefer less. The important thing is to find a swimsuit that is comfortable for you to wear and move in the water.

Women have a wide variety of options when it comes to one- and two-piece swimsuits, including knee-length suits, bathing suits, and others.

The burkini is another option for women; it entails complete body coverage with the exception of the face, hands, and feet. Swim briefs, jammers, and swim shorts are all options for male swimmers.

2. Swimming caps

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Both the swimmer and the pool benefit from the use of swim caps. The caps shield your hair from the damaging effects of chlorine and keep it out of the water.

Putting on a swim cap can improve your field of vision and make swimming more enjoyable.

To add to this, swim caps help with hydrodynamics, which in turn can help you swim faster.

3. Swimming Goggles

Goggles allow for clear underwater vision and safeguard the eyes. Many people report that swimming in chlorinated water causes a burning sensation, which worsens with increased levels of chlorine. Goggles can prevent this from occurring.

When swimming outdoors, you may want to wear mirrored goggles to protect your eyes from the sun.

Additionally, there are race goggles that are significantly more hydrodynamic: slimmer, sleeker, and smaller.

4. Earplugs 

Earplugs may not be as common among swimmers as goggles, but they serve a useful purpose nonetheless. Many feel discomfort with water getting into the ear and the plugs can avoid that. However, the plugs are primarily worn to avoid infections.

A common ear infection, swimmer’s ear, is caused by the ear canal remaining moist or wet. It can be irritating or painful depending on the spread of the infection. Using an earplug can prevent this. Look for earplugs made of silicone or other soft, flexible materials that will conform to the shape of your ear.

5. Swimming Kickboard

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This swimming performance aid can help you improve your leg stroke and fitness. Even if you are not a serious swimmer, we recommend the kickboard. You can isolate and practice leg movements of different strokes using this piece of foam. It is highly effective and almost all swimming classes and pro athletes use the board to practice.

For beginners, the kickboard can help as a support tool to master basic leg movements and kicks. As you level up, you can use it for resistance training.

6. Swimming snorkel

Snorkels allow swimmers to breathe easily while swimming and focus on their stroke technique. With the snorkels, swimmers need not bring their faces outside the water to catch their breath.

If you intend to swim for an extended period of time or just beginning to learn to swim, this may be helpful.

7. Swimming noodles

Perhaps you’ve noticed the use of a colorful tubular foam in the pool, popular with both children and adults. In addition to its use in swimming lessons, this floatation device has found widespread popularity among recreational swimmers and those just starting out. An individual can remain vertical in the water while using this swimming noodle if it is properly wrapped around their body. The foam’s adaptability allows for a variety of uses as a training tool.

Drinking water bottle, towel, and a bag

While these are not exclusively swimming gear it is essential you carry them to your swimming session to help you stay hydrated, dry, and organized.

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Of course, there are numerous other items you can consider such as swimming fins, pull buoy, hand paddles, and a swimming band to help you swim more efficiently. But you are all set with the items listed above to start your swimming pursuit.


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