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short courses in Dubai
short training courses in Dubai
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A complete list of classes in Dubai,UAE to stay mentally & physically fit and spark inspiration

How do you like to spend time after college, office, school, or home tutoring? Did you know that the way you choose to spend this time contributes to the growth, development, and success of your future? So, if you are one of those who are on a constant lookout for the best classes for kids and adults in Dubai, something that will excite as well as help you learn, then it’s perhaps time to indulge in any of the activity classes in Dubai listed on Pursueit.

These courses in Dubai can be taken up anytime, be it post-schooling or while being employed at an organization, for academic and professional benefits. In fact, some of these top Dubai classes will prove to be of immense importance and help later in life, mostly when applying for colleges or pursuing a specialized course, because they develop skills, interests, and passions. Also, since there’s a wide variety of classes in Dubai, right from swimming classes, dance classes, language classes, to cooking classes, find the classes in Dubai that suits your interest and personality shouldn’t be difficult.

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Remember, these extracurricular classes in Dubai do not have to be sponsored by your workplace, college, or school, so you can also consider activities that can be done with your friends, family, colleagues, or anybody from the community. Below is an extensive list of classes in Dubai that you can take up to flourish beyond your academic and professional feats.

The activities classes are ordered by category – scroll through them and let the inspiration flow!

1. Take on sports classes

Whether athletics is your main forte or not, you are likely to find a classes in dubai for a sport on Pursueit that’s meant for you. If there’s something that can possibly keep you fit, both physically and mentally, regardless of age, it has to be a sports class. So, whether you have an affinity towards cricket, football, chess, tennis, golf, or badminton, stay rest assured to discover classes in Dubai. And, what’s even better is the fact that there are private as well as online classes for individuals and groups of all levels.

These sport classes in Dubai on Pursueit help to learn to make decisions, develop empathy, become competitive, and look at the larger picture other than winning or losing. These are the skills that are otherwise tough to build, but Pursueit’s sports classes in Dubai have made it easy.

2. Master the moves in a dance class in Dubai

There’s a popular saying by the author Dave Barry, “Who cares if you can’t dance well. You just need to get up and dance.” This holds true, but at the same time, learning how to dance is no rocket science, especially under the guidance of a professional at dance Classes in Dubai listed on Pursueit Dubai.

Right from ballet for kids, Belly dance for females classes, Bollywood dance classes for teens, to Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, or other dance forms – there’s something for everyone. These dance classes in Dubai are designed in a way that they help in building confidence, kinaesthetic intelligence, and coordination among aspirants.

3. Dive right in by taking swimming classes

Swimming classes on Pursueit are meant to create awareness, particularly about fighting back in a situation of emergency and personal safety. This is a basic life skill that people of all age groups must develop.

These classes in Dubai are best for those who want to get trained at a basic or intermediate level. In fact, some of the institutes even provide 1-on-1 swimming lessons, private classes in Dubai at home, and group sessions for kids and adults alike. So, go ahead and get yourself into a pool to learn basic swimming, synchronized swimming, or water polo. It might scare you a little at first, but you are certain to feel comfortable and relaxed once you settle in.

4. Enroll for an art and craft class in Dubai

Deep down, all of us have something or the other to express, and what better than art or craft to showcase your thoughts and emotions? Many people like expressing through a painting or drawing, while others, by creating DIYs. So, Book classes in Dubai for a watercolour workshop, mandala online class, turmeric & coffee painting class in Dubai, or an abstract painting session on Pursueit, Dubai, and unleash your creativity. The best part about these craft and art classes is that there’s no experience needed to enroll, so anyone can join. Besides, since the tutors promote a relaxed, non-competitive, and an inclusive environment, it’s hard to feel left out.

5. Perfect your musical lessons by joining music classes

Finding a music class in Dubai is not as tough as it otherwise seems. From Carnatic vocals to Bollywood singing class, instrumental class to children’s special sessions, there are all kinds of music classes on Pursueit for people with different needs.

Music is one activity that can help build confidence and relax one’s mind. As compared to the earlier days, instruments are way inexpensive than before. A group online guitar class or tabla training for kids are just a few of the many initiatives that can improve concentration. In fact, learning to understand musical notes help the brain in multiple ways. It’s similar to learning a foreign language, and that’s precisely what the tutors of these classes in Dubai on Pursueit are trained to offer and strengthen.

6. Broaden your horizon by joining language classes

With the world coming closer and turning into a global village, knowing just one language is never enough. Here’s where Pursueit’s language classes in Dubaicome to your rescue. Learning a foreign language not only opens up better opportunities professionally but also helps connect with people of different cultures and backgrounds.


Learn Arabic classes, Hindi, French, Spanish, English, German, or any other language by enrolling for a private class meant for beginners, intermediates, or advanced experts. This will also help you in developing social and communication skills.

7. Learn self defence through martial arts classes

The legendary actor and martial artist, Bruce Lee, had once said, “the only aim of learning martial arts is to protect yourself and not hurt others.” This holds true since martial arts is only meant to connect and function the minds as well as bodies better. The martial arts classes like Karate Classes in Dubai on Pursueit – be it Kung Fu or Karate - ensurebaking that the participants get active, energetic, and better at the focus. This is one extracurricular activity, apart from other fitness classes in Dubai, that will get you in shape and help you feel accomplished.

Pursue other professional courses and discover fun things to do

Besides the aforesaid workshops, classes, and training, Pursueit Dubai has a lot of other professional courses ranging from cooking classes, fitness classes,Yoga in Dubai STEM, Baking Classes to skill development classes organized via registered groups or independent tutors. Utilize this list to seek inspiration. Check and analyze what’s available for you, and if you want to take up a class that’s not being held physically, join the online classes listed on Pursueit.

There’s no stopping to honing your skills if you possess the right amount of passion, zeal, and dedication!

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