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Find activity and hobby Classes in Dubai

Pursue hobby classes and activities in Dubai. Learn Skating, Swimming, Yoga, Baking & Cooking, Dancing, and more.


Swimming Classes

We offer swimming classes suitable for everyone. We have swimming classes in Dubai from beginners to intermediate and experienced swimming levels. You can take group classes, and individual classes. Find swimming classes for both children and adults. 


Skating Classes

Our skating classes are led by expert trainers. We have both group and private classes for roller skating and also for skateboarding. Find skating classes in dubai for all ages and abilities.


Dance Classes

We offer a plethora of dance classes in Dubai. It includes belly dancing classes, bollywood dance classes, hip hop dance classes and dance fitness classes like Zumba classes, pound fitness classes and more. 


Football Classes

Find a range of football classes in Dubai available on PursueIt. The football classes are led by experienced football coaches. We offer both group and private football lessons.


Baking and Cooking Classes

Do you love baking or cooking? Do you wish to learn more? Try one of our baking or cooking classes in Dubai. We have cooking sessions and baking sessions to help you make cakes, cook your favorite meal, or be inspired to try a new cuisine.


Arts and Crafts Classes in Dubai 

Explore the Arts and crafts classes in Dubai and broaden your horizons. The collection of art and craft courses includes everything from drawing classes (with pencil) and painting classes to resin art and jewellery making classes. We also offer woodworking classes and candle making classes.  


Yoga Classes in Dubai

Yoga is a great way to unwind, relax, and take care of yourself. We have yoga classes available for people of all ages and experiences. All of our yoga classes in Dubai are taught by experienced instructors who will help you embrace the practice with ease.


Other Classes

If have any other interest or wish to try your hand at something new, just browse through PursueIt offerings or get in touch with us. We offer fitness classes, skill development classes, martial arts classes, and even foreign languages classes like arabic classes, French classes and explore more classes.   

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