Getting ready for back to school

This is the time when you need to prepare to go back to school, and it’s a very exciting part of the year for parents and kids alike. Planning the right activities and creating the adequate schedule is very important, and it can indeed make a huge difference. It’s a crucial opportunity and one of those things that are incredibly important. 

How can parents plan to make a schedule for kids, balancing school & fun?

It’s important to create a list with all kinds of activities such as sports, music, art & craft, or other tasks that your child likes. From here, you also want to go towards skills that can actively help your child in the future. The main idea is to have a good mixture of simple, exciting and fun activities that your child will enjoy. 

When you create a schedule, you always want to focus on school activities first. Make sure that your kid has enough time to do their homework and prepare for the next day. Then you want to have some fun activities so your child can unwind and just follow their dreams and passion. That’s why afterschool activities like piano classes, dance classes, swimming classes can be a great option. You don’t want to impose your child any type of activity. Talk with him when you create a plan, and ensure that this all comes naturally. 

Types of after school activities

Physical activities

Physical activities include things like tennis classes, swimming classes, athletics, yoga, boxing, running, dancing, or other similar activities. The focus is to help kids improve their capabilities and push them to the next level and stay fit & healthy.

Academic activities

These are designed to build upon and enhance what students are learning outside of the class time. This means students are focused on building lifelong skills. coding, robotics, math, DIY skills among other can be a part of academic after school activities. 

Skill development

While these skills have a more hands-on approach, like woodworking, sculpting, painting and so on, they are great because they can develop specialized skills your child can use in the long term. They are incredible and of great use as well. 

Community service projects

In many situations, kids will also learn community service skills too. These include things like being environmentally friendly, learning how to better organize and manage tasks, planting flowers, volunteering to help people in need and so on. It’s a great idea and one that can help make the process better and more convenient for kids. They get to learn something new and have fun while also helping the community. 

How to select after school activities / hobby classes?

Ideally, you want to see what type of activities your child likes the most. This will make choosing after school activities a whole lot easier. For some kids, this may be an iterative process, but it is important to identify areas of interest so that you can help choose activities that keep them motivated. 

Then, you can align interests with benefits. For example, swimming and martial arts or gymnastics help your kid work out and stay healthy. Cooking classes are fun for kids, and they teach a very important skill. Then you have dancing, which is a great pastime and a social experience. Try out any of these or go through a list of after school activities to find what works for you.

Stick to something simple, introductory and not too complex. That will help your child learn new things without being too stressed out or imposed to work on something. Communication is imperative, since you want your kid to have fun, while also taking something away from this entire experience. 


After school activities are very beneficial for kids. They make it easy for your child to acquire lifelong skills, while also keeping him healthy and happy. It’s a very good idea to try out a multitude of after school activities until you find some that suit your child’s ideas. It will take some trial and error to identify the best way to create an after school schedule, but it’s totally worth your time and Pursueit can help you do it!


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