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Hips Don’t Lie: The Art of Belly Dancing
belly dance classes Dubai

Although belly dancing as a term has its roots in French, the art has its roots in ancient Middle East. As it is traditionally known, Raks Sharki (belly dancing) is an art we’re all familiar with. Belly dance classes in Dubai will teach you to be graceful, elegant and also enjoy this wonderful art form. From hip rolls to hip drops to pivots, you will learn how to work your body the most beautiful way! Belly dance classes Dubai will teach you to naturally align with your body. Further, this isn’t just aesthetically pleasing…it also comes with a plethora of benefits! Let’s explore what some of the health benefits of taking belly dance classes in Dubai are:

Toned and strong

The classes for belly dancing in Dubai will help you safely tone your muscles! Especially during the course of the instruction, the teacher will ensure you practice the right way to ensure your well-being. Hip drops, figure eights, shimmies are all different belly dancing techniques. Belly dance classes Dubai will teach you to do this and more, in the most effective way possible! Especially doing this the right way, will help your body move in a way that relieves stress in your back. Belly dance classes in Dubai work every inch of your body, even the smallest muscles.

Each lift and shimmy your body does utilizes your arm and shoulder muscles. Additionally, this benefit does not apply only if you’re an expert. That’s right, belly dance classes Dubai are so intense that you will notice these results as soon as you start!

belly dance classes Dubai

Weight Loss

What if we told you one session of belly dance classes Dubai can burn up to 300 calories?! Of course, depending on the effort put in and how much you’re enjoying it, it’s possible to burn even more. Combine this with healthy dieting and boom, you’ve got the ultimate weight loss plan! Further, this is a low-impact exercise which means you’ll get the results you want with lesser exertion. This is especially useful for beginners! Additionally, belly dance classes Dubai are also an exceptionally sustainable method of weight-loss! Remember, you should always have long-term methods for long-term goals.

Besides your belly dancing classes Dubai, add some more cardio and strength training to your workout plan. This is bound to give you even better results! Belly dancing and other aerobic exercises will help you work all the different muscles in your body.

belly dance classes in Dubai

Goodbye stress, hello beautiful body!

In the hustles of daily life, the light rhythm and music belly dancing brings is definitely a stress buster! Belly dancing classes Dubai will teach you the traditional movements that are calming and trance-like. With each hip dip and roll, all your worries will melt away with the music. Belly dancing classes in Dubai have amazing instructors who will help you find your inner peace within this art. As stress clenches and tenses your body muscles up, belly dancing loosens them and relaxes our entire body. Likewise, all the soreness built up in your muscles are smoothened away! Regardless of what body type you have; belly dancing is meant for you. Belly dancing, unlike all the posters you see do not necessarily need to look a certain way! Remember, a beautiful body is a healthy body.

The perfect solution to a sedentary lifestyle

As we move further and further into this digital age, we need to keep in mind that our bodies still need a daily dose of activity and fun! Belly dancing classes Dubai is the perfect solution for this – it’s fun, it’s adventurous and it’s healthy! Being on your feet during the dance is an excellent weight-bearing exercise. Further, belly dance classes in Dubai encourages your body to gain better balance and poise, giving you an elegant break from sitting in front of a desk all day and makes sure all the extra tension that’s on your spine because of this sitting also has a chance to melt away.

belly dance classes Dubai

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, belly dancing classes Dubai is an exciting adventure waiting to happen! From getting culturally rich knowledge to understanding your body best, the benefits belly dancing has is endless. However, only the right instructor can guide you through this. With Pursueit, you will never have to worry about it! We ensure all our instructors are trained professionals who will be there for you every step of the way.

These belly dancing classes in Dubai are exceptional in their costs, location, and availability! Apart from that, they’re also so efficient and effective that you can see the change in your body posture, balance, and fitness from day one onwards! So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, leave your worries and stress at the door. It’s time to belly dance like no one’s watching! Get your belly dance belt on, feel the rhythm of the music and #GoPursueIt!

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