Roller skating lessons are a fun and affordable way to pick up a new hobby. Learn about roller skating courses right here in Dubai that may be a good fit for you and your family.
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Learn how to skate fast

Roller skating has surged in popularity in recent years. During the pandemic, people wanted an opportunity to exercise, to get out of the house, and try something different. Roller skating has mental and physical health benefits. For some people, roller skating provides a feeling of liberation and freedom. If you are looking for a fun hobby, one that is easy for all ages, and something that can be learned quickly, let’s take a look at how you can learn to roller skate within a relatively short period of time.

What are the benefits of roller skating? 

Roller skating has several different benefits for your confidence and health. It works virtually every muscle in the body and is a great form of exercise. Roller skating helps with:

  • Joint and muscle health: Roller skating works muscles in your legs and abdomen, helping you get a full workout. The muscles that are worked when you skate include your glutes, abs, hips, and core.
  • Weight management: Roller skating is a recognized cardiovascular fitness activity in many countries and burns up to 200 calories per hour.
  • Stress management: Roller skating is a highly effective way to reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels in the body, ultimately reducing stress.

What is a good age to start roller skating? 

People of all ages can learn to roller skate quickly. Generally speaking, many parents start their children off roller skating when they are walking confidently. This can be as early as three years of age. Some parents wait a little bit longer to start their child roller skating at the age of five years. Most parents tend to enroll their children in a roller skating lesson series with a coach, so they learn the right techniques but also have a chance to socialize with other children. Some children start at age 10 and there are also opportunities for teenagers to participate in roller skating classes. 

Adults can start skating as soon as they’d like. There is no age barrier to roller skating. If you’d like to start at any time in your life, there is a class available for you. For adults, they might find new friends at one of our skating classes.

What is the best way to learn roller skating in Dubai? 

The best way to learn how to roller skate is to take roller skating lessons with a professional instructor or coach. When you take lessons with a professional teacher, you learn several important tenets of skating, such as:

  • How to feel comfortable and safe on your skates
  • How to maintain balance on your skates
  • How to maintain control, increase speed, and stop safely while skating.
  • The various ways in which to stop movement on your skates safely.

When you work with an instructor, you will also be able to see how to apply techniques correctly, thus increasing your safety and confidence while you skate.

How quickly can you learn to roller skate? 

The number of lessons it takes to learn roller skating will depend upon a lot of different factors. The typical student will learn how to skate within five to ten lessons, depending upon their pace. Some people learn quicker while others will require a few more lessons. The more lessons you take, you will become more confident maintaining your balance on your skates. 

Most people will generally become very confident on their roller skates after roughly five to ten  sessions with an instructor. The number of lessons required will depend upon the individual. People who practice a few hours a week on their own or with a friend may not need as many lessons.

What safety equipment is recommended when roller skating? 

Safe roller skating equipment is a must. The standard safety equipment includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. Serious roller skaters, such as those involved in roller derbies, will often purchase extra equipment, such as mouthguards and specialized shorts with pads for tailbone protection.

How much should you spend on roller skating safety gear? It all really depends upon the quality of the equipment. A basic full set (helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads) might cost around 220 AED. However, professional grade safety equipment tends to be a little bit more expensive, with an individual set of knee pads costing around 260 AED. Spend the money for some good safety equipment because it will be a good investment.

You don’t need to worry about wrist injuries because your instructor will advise you on the best safety equipment and guide you in a manner that will keep you safe. 

How to buy a great set of roller skates for your skating lessons

Your skating instructor will likely suggest a pair of roller skates as you become more familiar with skating. You might also find something you like based upon your personal preferences. Generally speaking, these are the factors that will go into selecting your preferred roller skates:

  • Boot: A higher boot will give you stability and support while you skate, but a low-cut boot will allow for more speed and dexterity.
  • Wheel hardness: Roller skate wheels come with a number called the durometer rating (70A to 100A typically). Softer wheels will be good for outdoor activities while harder wheels will be good for indoor skating.
  • Wheel size: Smaller wheels are going to be good for agility and tricks, while larger wheels will be good for outdoor skating in general.
  • Plate: Skates with nylon attaching the skate to the boot will be more affordable and make the skate lighter, but metal will last longer.
  • Toe stop: The toe-stop on a skate will be either adjustable or non-adjustable. An adjustable toe-stop might be a better fit if you anticipate doing different kinds of skating. 

A good pair of roller skates will be easier on your feet, make the activity more enjoyable, and allow for safe skating. 

Is roller skating easier to learn than other types of skating? 

Roller skating is often a great avenue to learn other types of skating activities. Inline skates tend to be hard at first because you have to build your ankle strength and balance on one line of heels. This can put pressure on your feet. With quad skates, it is often an easier starting point because the four wheels provide a stable base to master your balance.

Why are lessons effective for learning to skate quickly? 

Small-group instruction for skating provides flexible and differentiated instruction for the participants. People can ask questions, be monitored more effectively by the instructor, and get individualized feedback and support. The instructor will be able to instill confidence in students when they are learning to skate, which is very important for enjoyment of the sport as a hobby. 

What can I do with roller skating lessons? 

Many people who learn roller skating might take up fun and exciting hobbies or use their mastery of the activity to enhance their social life. There is at least one roller skating rink in Dubai, RollDXB, which is a roller disco. Some people may join a roller derby team for exercise or recreational enjoyment. At the very least, you will be able to get good cardiovascular exercise as you skate throughout the year. 

In addition to roller skating, Pursueit offers several different types of exercise and dancing courses that you can take for your enjoyment. You can also find rollerblading and skateboarding classes as well.