Are Zumba Classes Only Just For Women?

Zumba is a fun and exciting fitness program developed for cardiovascular fitness and endurance by a Colombian dancer named Beto Pérez. It is, by and far, the largest branded fitness program in the world. If you take a Zumba class or partake in Zumba, you will learn the different rhythms and core steps that go along with Latin music. Over time, Zumba will help you develop a healthy cardiovascular system, tone yourself up, and even lose weight. While most Zumba participants are women, it is fast becoming a popular fitness activity for men worldwide.

What are the benefits of Zumba? 

First and foremost, Zumba is a fun exercise routine. If you like your exercise routine, you are more likely to stick with it. Zumba not only helps you lose weight, but it also tones up your body across the board. The typical Zumba class will help you burn about 9.5 calories per minute, so it is also a highly effective form of exercise. Zumba is also great for your cardiovascular health. Zumba helps lower the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. People who do Zumba also tend to have lower levels of bad cholesterol. 

Who can take a Zumba class? 

Anyone can take a Zumba class. As of 2016, more than 15 million people in 180 countries from around the world participated in Zumba in some way shape or form. The typical Zumba participant is a young- or middle-aged adult. Even though many Zumba participants are young people, there are classes designed for children and seniors. Anyone can take a Zumba class.

How many men take Zumba classes? 

The number of men who take Zumba courses will vary based upon where you are. In some Zumba classes, there is a ratio of about 80% female and 20% male participants. Some Zumba classes have as little as 5% men in terms of participants. Men tend to participate more frequently in Zumba classes with a male instructor. Even though men don’t participate in Zumba frequently, there are considerable health benefits for men.

Zumba courses are starting to take off with men. The number of male Zumba participants is increasing each year. In fact, many Zumba teachers are male, with 37% of instructors being male. 

What is the history of Zumba classes?

Zumba was invented back in the early ‘90s. Pérez, the inventor, forgot his regular dance music cassettes and only had Latin cassette tapes. As Pérez saw the reaction of students to the music, he began integrating the steps and music into his other dance courses.

An infomercial was launched in 2001, with official classes launching shortly thereafter.

Benefits of Zumba classes for men

Zumba classes bring distinctive benefits for men. There are social benefits and some fitness benefits that they won’t find in the weight room or at the gym. Some of the benefits include:

  • Learning some dance moves in addition to becoming physically fit.
  • It can help with hand/eye coordination that translates well into other sports, such as racquetball.
  • Zumba boosts physical strength.
  • Men who do Zumba tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and better tone/physique. 

How often should people do a Zumba workout? 

Zumba is like many different exercise forms. It should be integrated into your regular fitness schedule. Some days, you may elect to do strength training. Other days, you might want to do running and jogging. The typical Zumba participant will do a Zumba workout two to three times per week for about 30 to 90 minutes each session. Newer Zumba enthusiasts should start with shorter, lighter workouts and work their way up to the 90 minute sessions.

These guidelines will help both men and women get the most out of their Zumba lessons. Your instructor may vary your program depending upon your needs.

Are there different types of Zumba workouts? 

When you take a Zumba workout class from Pursueit, you will learn all the basic rhythms and steps. There are different types of Zumba workouts that you can learn while you master the program, including:

  • Zumba workouts with water resistance training
  • Zumba workouts with light weights to increase muscle tone.
  • Zumba workouts that involve a dance partner, chairs, and weights.

What to eat when doing Zumba workouts

When either males or females do Zumba, it is helpful to eat high-energy foods within a set calorie count if you are trying to lose weight. Here is what some people eat when they are on a regular Zumba fitness plan:

  • Whole grains like quinoa, rice, and oats.
  • Lean protein, like white meat (chicken and fish), lentils, and other plant-based proteins.
  • Plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Eating lighter meals at shorter intervals on your Zumba workout days will help you have the energy you need to get through your workout without feeling tired or too full to exercise. When doing Zumba, it’s very important to avoid empty carbs (like bread or pasta) and other heavier foods that don’t help you sustain large amounts of energy for longer periods of time.

What to expect when you start taking Zumba courses

People tend to avoid Zumba because they are afraid of mastering the dance steps, but they are really not that hard. However, Zumba is not difficult and the steps are pretty easy to learn. The typical Zumba participant can master the steps and rhythms within a few sessions. Some fitness instructors can actually get their Zumba certifications in just a weekend. If you are starting a Zumba, here are some tips to get the most out of the experience:

  1. Wear comfortable workout attire.
  2. Wearing shoes with low tread will help you move easily and support the moves.
  3. Drink water about 30 minutes before your Zumba class to stay hydrated.
  4. Always consult your doctor and the instructor before you take Zumba if you think you might have a medical condition. 

Get involved with Zumba through Pursueit

If you want to try a new workout program that you will enjoy, give Zumba a try. Any of our Zumba courses can be a good fit. If you’d like, bring a friend. Around 80% of women who do Zumba often bring a male partner. If you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle tone, and improve your hand/eye coordination, then Zumba is a good workout to try in addition to your other exercise routines or even by itself. 


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