As the holiday season arrives, hunting for a Multi Sports Camp – or perhaps a workshop for recreational activities often ends up becoming an annual task and expense for many parents. You may find a variety of camps being held every other week in different parts of Dubai like Al Barsha, Furjan and Dubai investment park, but very few among those would have it on offer, with relatively moderate fees.

Who is conducting it?

Pursueit Dubai is helping children engage themselves and experience the joy of Multi Sport Camp 2019 by opening its doors to accepting bookings. At the December 2019 Multi Sport Camp, the activities getting covered are Dodge ball Camp, Basketball Camp, Badminton Camp and Tennis Camp in Dubai.

Time for something new

Pursueit Dubai’s goal is introducing kids to a plethora of sports-specific camps and giving them an opportunity to take on activities they might not have tried before. Through Pursueit’s Multi Sports Camp in Dubai, children may end up finding their passions that could translate in many ways, in the years to come.

How to go about it?

With the help of strong partnerships, affiliations, and research teams, Pursueit Dubai is constantly thriving on giving access to the potential participants to only the latest, newest and upcoming Multi Sports Camps in Dubai. To facilitate the booking process for these camps, Pursueit Dubai is setting up easy-to-understand, brief, and to-the-point details regarding different packages.

So, whether you want to indulge in a Dodgeball Camp in Dubai or enjoy a Tennis camp in Dubai with your classmates, you can experience the best training from the instructors by joining the Multi Sports Camp through Pursueit app or website. The best part – Pursueit is focusing on curating, collating, and offering camps that are customizable in a way that educates, inspires, and engages children to pursue their passion with best courses in dubai.

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