STEM Camps Information

  • Robotics
  • Python
  • Game Development

Camps Guidelines

  • Age : 9 – 17 Yr
  • Timing : 10:00 to 13:00
  • Transport: No
  • Location: Jumeirah Village Circle

Why STEM Camp

Science, technology, math, and engineering are the cornerstones of modern society today. Being different subjects, they are intrinsically connected to each other and have the potential to change the world as we know it. The world is evolving at an alarming rate, and it can be exhilarating to gain a deeper understanding of these catalysts that propel progress.

STEM Camp Includes

You don’t need to be a genius to appreciate these fascinating fields. STEM Camps in Dubai have become increasingly popular across a wide demographic, attracting people of all ages to learn, understand, and experiment. Camps for Science and Technology serve as a means to educate, inspire, and motivate children. From projecting as beacons towards future career options to planting the seed of curiosity in impressionable young minds, science camps are a great way to spend the holidays.

What you will learn in STEM Camp

Rather than lazing around at home all day, children and adults alike can learn a great deal and broaden their horizons. You can understand the fundamentals of engineering, or appreciate the potential of technology. There is so much to explore and absorb along the way.

Pursueit Dubai’s STEM Camp 2019 and Technology Camp 2019 are the ideal ice breakers for people of all ages. Dabble in new activities, learn something new, or perhaps discover an untapped passion. Choose to do something constructive in your spare time. 

STEP Camp 2019 Enrollment

The world’s most ground-breaking discoveries of our time have come from both youngsters as well as veterans in the realm of science and technology. Enroll in a STEM Camp in Dubai, and perhaps you too will have your Eureka moment.

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