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Tips For Purchasing Your First Pair Of Roller Skates

Roller skating in Dubai is a fun activity, and one that can help you de-stress and unwind. It can be very interesting, but also challenging if you don’t pick the best roller skates for you. Which is why we created a list with some of the tips to know if you want to buy skates to go roller skating in Dubai! Here’s what you should know:

Types Of Roller Skates

There are a multitude of roller skates styles and types out there. You get to choose between quad or inline skates. Inline skates are suitable for vert or outdoor skating in Dubai. They have wheels in a line, which offers higher speeds. You can use them for dance skating or speed skating too. 

However, if you want to focus on roller derby, jam or rink skating in Dubai, then quad skates are a good pick. They are classic, reliable and you have a bit more control over where you go. Remember, it’s more about your personal preference than anything else.

Should You Go For Soft Or Hard Boots?

After you choose the roller skate type, you do want to think about the boot type as well. Hard boots are great because they offer ankle support and improved stability. You can use these for vert skating or outdoor skating in Dubai. It’s also possible to cruise for long distances, which is definitely something to take into consideration. 

Soft boots for skating in Dubai are great because they give more flexibility. You also have breathability, so the air circulates without that much of a hassle. It all comes down to what you want, more ankle support and stability or breathability and flexibility. Both of them are a great pick!

Pick The Right Size

Having the right shoes when you go skating in Dubai is important! The great thing when you choose roller skates is that the shoe size is identical to the roller skate size. So, it’s easy to pick the right size according to what you’re wearing right now. It’s a good idea to wear a sock, this will make sure you get your right size!

Do You Need Any Accessories? 

You can upgrade a few items on your skates before you go out roller skating in Dubai. For example, you can change the wheels and replace them with other ones. You can also change the bearings. Some people also change the brakes too. You can also change the laces, even if it’s for visual reasons, it still helps improve the experience quite a bit. Since there are many places to go skating in Dubai, it’s a good idea to buy a skate bag. This can be used to transport your roller skates anywhere you want, and it protects them against any damage.

Roller Skate Style

For a nostalgic feel while skating in Dubai, you can go for the high-top skates that also deliver ankle support. Then you have mild top skates, they are the middle-ground between support, flexibility and performing tricks. Of course, for the best flexibility for skating in Dubai, you must choose the low top skates. 

What Material Is Ideal?

Leather is found on the more expensive roller skates, but it’s a great investment and you will appreciate its durability and value for money. Then there are other options like manmade materials. These, such as fly knit, offer amazing breathability. They can also help reduce the skate weight too, which is important when you want to perform tricks while skating in Dubai.

Safety Gear You Should Consider

If you’re going to go roller skating in Dubai, you do need some adequate safety gear. In this case, you want to invest in things like a helmet and knee pads. Your head and knees tend to be the ones that take the most damage during a fall. Which is why, whether you are a pro or an amateur, you want to invest in adequate equipment that helps keep you safe. We recommend buying safety gear before you start skating in Dubai!

Closing Thoughts

It’s always a great idea to create a list with the features you want on your roller skates before you start skating in Dubai! Choosing the right ones takes a bit of time, and it’s definitely a challenge. But with the right amount of patience, you will be able to pick the ones that are ideal for you. Remember, you want the ideal option that delivers protection, but which also offers flexibility. As soon as you focus on that, you will have no problem choosing the best results! Once you have the skates, enroll with Pursueit for the best classes for skating in Dubai.