Art Camp Information

Join this art camp to learn 5 different painting styles in 5 days. Kids can learn the following:

  • Acrylic painting
  • DOT Mandala
  • Doodling
  • FluidArt
  • 3D pencil art

Camp Guidelines

  • Price: AED 400
  • Age : 8 – 16 Yr
  • Timing : 11:00 to 13:00
  • Transport: No
  • Location: Building 75, The Gardens

Find The Complete Information About The Art Camps In Dubai

The holiday season is on the horizon, a time that children especially look forward to.  In an effort to help children use their free time constructively, Pursueit Dubai is proud to introduce booking for Kids’ Art Camps. The idea was to create a platform that allows you to access a plethora of courses, activities, and classes with the utmost convenience.
The Pursueit app allows you to book the activity of your choice, peruse different courses and enjoy discounts and offers.

Why Parents Should Register For These Art Camp Booking

Pursueit will have exciting Art Camps in Dubai, where Children can explore their artistic streaks by delving into curated art-based activities available in various formats. These Art Camp bookings in Dubai are ideal for your child to learn the pleasures of art, where they are encouraged to explore their own creativity.  They are taught to draw, sketch, and doodle while being meticulously guided to understand art and enjoy themselves while doing so. With a hands-on approach, craft is an important part of the camp as well, where kids can work on their own and create something truly unique.

Apart from Art, Kids’ Camps also cover a wide range of other activities that help introduce kids to potential hobbies, peaking their interests towards it. Children will spend half a day or an entire day which emphasizes on a specific activity or a set of activities. The purpose of Art Camps in Dubai is to help children take a break from technology and enjoy a day that stimulates their minds and imaginations.

We Curate The Art Camps In Dubai For You

Pursueit’s curated Art Camps in Dubai provide a great opportunity for children to discover their inner Picasso, dabbling in the creative arts. Unleash your child’s creativity with Kids’ Art Camps and let their imagination take wing.

Winter camps are widely popular, being an ideal time for children to experiment and allow their curiosity to run free. The smallest of sparks can help pave the way for children to discover their passions in the long run.  

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