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Why Do Swim Lessons Include Kickboard Instruction?
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Swimming classes help you master the fundamentals required for each stroke. When using a kickboard, you help develop independence and strength in your legs. When a swimmer needs to isolate and work on their leg technique, a kickboard helps them do that. Let’s take a look at why swimming classes include instruction with a kickboard.

What is a kickboard, and how does it work? 

A kickboard is a small rectangular object with a round top. Made of various materials, it is waterproof and floats. It supports your arms, upper body, and lets you rest the upper part of your body, so you can focus on your legs and kicking technique. 

When you swim without a kickboard, the motion of your arms and upper body helps you remain buoyant. Your arms and legs working together move you through the water correctly. When working on your legs, you don’t want to have to worry about your arms and upper body. The lack of motion in your arms and legs, without a kick board, would slow your body down and not let your legs develop the independence and strength that is required for swimming. 

A kickboard replaces the momentum and stability provided by your upper body. It creates a balance so that you can focus solely on your legs during this part of your swimming lessons. 

Why do swimming classes include kickboards? 

When you take a swimming class, your instructor will use kickboards when teaching leg techniques in the water. For those new to swimming, the kickboard is a great way to focus on the legs and develop the kicking techniques required for a particular stroke. You can focus on only your legs until you are comfortable enough with the swim stroke to incorporate your legs. For difficult strokes like the butterfly stroke, you can work on the kicking technique first so that you can learn about the small window you have to breathe later. Kickboards aren’t just used by new swimmers; professional swimmers sometimes use kickboards when they want to focus on leg training exercises. 

Kickboard let swimmers:

  • Develop their leg strength and independence.
  • Work on the kicking technique that is appropriate for a particular type of swim stroke.
  • Work on posture and alignment before incorporating arm motions.
  • Keep swimming for a longer period of time (often, the arms and upper part of the body get tired when starting to swim).

What you’ll learn when training with a kickboard in swimming classes

There are a few fundamentals that are required when training with a kickboard that your swimming instructor will help you with. First and foremost, the curved section of the kickboard always faces forward. You’ll need to hold the kickboard near the top. When you hold the kickboard near the top, more force from your arms will be supported. The higher you are supported on the kickboard, the more your upper body will rest, making it easier for you to work your legs.

You’ll need to press down on the kickboard in order for it to work correctly. This will raise your hips higher. The correct amount of downward pressure on the kickboard will help you focus more on your legs. Lastly, you want to focus on keeping your body straight. Correct posture and alignment will help keep you focused on working your legs.

Can kickboards be learned in swim classes for virtually any type of stroke? 

Different types of strokes require different types of kicking techniques. For example, the flutter kick is used in the freestyle and backstrokes. The dolphin kick is used for the butterfly stroke, and the scissor kick is used in the breast stroke. Working with a kickboard will help you develop the right technique for each of these kicks. Once you have mastered the correct kicking techniques, you will use the kickboard less and incorporate your arms, legs, and upper body. For the butterfly stroke, having a good grasp of the kicking technique will allow you to focus on the arm motions and the short window of opportunity to take a breath. 

Work on your legs and kicking techniques in a Dubai swimming class

If you elect to take a swimming class in Dubai, you will benefit from Pursueit’s classes. For beginning swimmers, kickboards are an important part of mastering the fundamentals. As you progress and learn the different strokes, the kickboard will be an essential part of developing independence in your legs.