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Roller Skating is great fun activity for an individual or a family. This course is for everyone. Whether you always wanted to skate and haven't done so yet or are looking to improve your technique, this is an ideal course for you. Give yourself a chance to experience the excitement and fun of roller skating as our experienced and very professional instructors help you get off the feet and get on their wheels! This class will teach you about balance, sell control and skating while having fun. Enroll for this class and give yourself an opportunity to learn a unique skill.

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MKJ Sports
MKJ Sports

MKJ Sports dictum shouts dictum shouts “Train like we play, Play like we train”. We vow to enhance skills, nurture talent, build physical and psychologically robust sportsmen. Our innovative expertise will guarantee young aspirants to augment their amateur skills into proficient learning. They will be taught to channelize their enthusiasm into a more comprehensive yet enjoyable experience. Our activities and programs initiate and encourage learners in creative decision making and strategic t .. hinking thus molding mentally and physically equipped professionals for the future.

Age appropriate small sided games and teams for younger children are exclusive features provided to create a fun environment. Practice matches are organized systematically and frequently to expose learners to a comprehensive learning experience. Our concept LTPD (Long Term Player Development) concentrates on ages 4-16 with the key focus on developing physical, technical, psychological, and social attributes in children.


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