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Different Baking Classes That You Should Try

Baking classes can help you learn skills in the kitchen to help you entertain your family and friends. Some of our baking classes include pastries, cakes, and other food to help you enjoy meals. Our baking classes include dessert, many meals, and snacks that can be used at a party or for your family at home. Baking courses are affordable and give you a lifelong skill that will come in handy for meals and social occasions.

Pizza, quiche & pissaladiere

In this class, you will learn various takes on these dishes over a span of three hours from a master chef. While everyone can make a great pizza, this course will help you develop your perfect recipe. You will also learn how to make quiche, which is a great egg-based tart. For those who want an alternative to pizza at a meal, you will learn how to bake pissaladiere, which contains caramelized onions, anchovies, and black olives. Learning to bake these dishes to perfection will give you and your family an alternative to going out for Italian.

Let your children learn the art of baking 

Pursueit has several baking classes that are suitable for children. Our mini chef courses include bread, chocolate cookies, and sponge cake. These classes are suitable for children because they start with relatively easy recipes that are delicious. These classes will help those in the age 4 to 13 age range get acclimated with baking. 

Start baking cakes from scratch 

If baking is a new skill you’re wanting to learn, Cake Baking 101 is the right class for you. This Dubai baking class gives you two options. The first session will teach you how to bake a sponge or carrot cake and includes the baking time. The second class gives you the skills you need to cut, fill, and frost the cakes. After you take this course, you can try other baking classes from Pursueit as you’d like. 

Cake making workshops to elevate your baking skills

This is a series of baking classes where you get to make different types of cakes based upon their difficulty. In the level 1 workshop, you’ll learn how to make bundt cakes and truffle cakes. In the next level up, you’ll learn red velvet cakes, rose cakes, and easter cakes. The last class includes layered cakes, such as a rainbow cake that will round out your cake baking skills. 

Why take a baking class through Pursuit

With Pursuit, there is no limit on what you can learn to bake. Some of our baking classes include breads, items such as pizza that can be served at meal times, and even advanced cake baking classes. All of our Dubai baking classes are taught by a professional expert chef. Lastly, some classes include certificates of achievement to show your newfound knowledge of baking. 

Start making cookies with a baking class

Cookies are also a great way to get into baking. In the cookie baking class, you get to learn how to make different varieties of cookies from base ingredients that you find from around your home. This course teaches you how to make chocolate chip, shortbread, sesame date, and oatmeal cookies. Cookie recipes are a great starting point for baking because you will learn how to use the basic ingredients and baking implements that are found in your home. 

Learn to make breads in a baking class

Breads are also a great way to get into baking. You can learn how to make savory breads like watermelon bread, pumpkin dinner rolls, and cheesy spinach and walnut rolls. You might also try a sourdough bread class, where you’ll learn how to make four different varieties of sourdough, including an exemplary sourdough olive focaccia.