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Short Girl Bakes
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10 + years
Private Activity
1 Session 15 Days Validity Duration: 180 Mins
AED 300
2 Sessions 30 Days Validity Duration: 180 Mins
AED 575

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Cake baking 101 is perfect for class beginners who want to learn the technique of making a perfect cake from scratch. In this private session, you will learn 2 different types of cakes . Your instructor Deepika is a ICCA certified chef, who will teach you different method and techniques of baking different variety of cakes. Once you have this covered you will be able to whip up magic on your own and experiment so many more flavours and styles. You have option to choose 1 or 2 sessions, depending on your goal and requirement. Each session will last upto 3 hours (including baking time) and will cover the following : Session 1: You will learn to bake two different variety of cakes namely 1) Basic Sponge / Pound Cake and 2) Carrot Cake Session 2: You will l earn how to cut, fill and frost one of the cakes. (Choose between Swiss meringue buttercream or regular butter cream)

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No prior cooking or baking experience needed for this class.

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Upon booking, instructor will send you the list of all ingredients to be purchased for the class

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Short Girl Bakes
Short Girl Bakes

Food and cooking was the main focus in her life, so it wasn’t surprising that having enrolled in Bachelor Of Commerce Degree didn’t interest her much and soon she decided to turn her passion into profession.
Her interest lies in both Cookery and Pastry so she Enrolled in the Professional Cookery and pastry program and completed her Diploma.

Since then she has worked as a pastry chef and now having taken time away she takes on projects that interest her. She has created .. a line of sweet and savoury products under her Brand name of ‘shortGirlBakes’ that she brings to the local markets in the city. Along with that Desserts and Cakes are a major part of her brand. Deepika also taken part in collaborative events with brands like Bosch home, Simply Kitchen and does Live cooking Videos as a collaboration or under her name.

Her focus is on creating Recipes and content that speak to her and which she can showcase. While she loves all styles of cuisines her passion lies towards tradition and staying close as much as possible to the roots and cooking techniques.

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