The human experience of discovery and exploration of underwater life has always been a hot topic globally. Especially since this sport has ancient origins, it’s interesting to watch how it has become so many different things now – from a passionate hobby, a watersport to a commercial industry and even a part of military strategy! Having the right knowledge to maintain our underwater biodiversity and respecting it is the most important aspect of scuba diving. Of course, whatever form scuba diving takes, its always adventurous in its own sense.

Scuba diving in Dubai is an exciting opportunity provided by Pursueit. With the help of professionals, you’ll be able to understand how each and every aspect of scuba diving works! From the webbed feet that look fishy (no pun intended) to the scientific reasons behind each of the equipment’s you use, these experts will guide you perfectly on your scuba diving in Dubai experience.

Scuba diving in dubai | pursueit

So, what is scuba diving?

With the global tourism industry also pushing scuba diving, its almost impossible these days to see a bucket list without scuba diving in it! If it’s a smart bucket list, it will probably list a location, too. Scuba diving in Dubai, Egyptian Red Sea and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are all excellent choices! Although used casually, did you know scuba is actually an abbreviation? SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Therefore, scuba diving is basically diving underwater equipped with the right apparatus to breathe under water.

Pursueit offers the best classes for diving in Dubai. With specialized instructors to teach you how to dive, how to rest and how to hit all the goals of scuba diving, you will soon learn to let go of all your fears and get the courage to dive deep down to explore the world under the sea!

How does scuba diving in Dubai work?

Of course, we’ve all seen the pictures of divers in their shiny black suits and tanks. But did you know all these equipments have a specific purpose, including the ones you think are just for show? The tanks have compressed air that we breathe to keep our breathing underwater stable. And the shiny black suits are thermal conductors that will keep you warm even in the coldest of waters.

In these Pursueit classes for scuba diving in Dubai, the instructors will teach you how achieve neutral buoyancy. Basically, it ensures that you are able to balance the weight of your equipment and the air around you. If you have a mental picture of you floating in water, absolutely free of gravity, you’re right! This will make sure you neither float nor sink. There are so many other aspects of scuba diving that will be taught in these classes, so enroll now to learn more!

Scuba diving in dubai | pursueit

Does it have any benefits?

Of course, yes! Scuba diving in Dubai has so many health benefits to divers. Whether physical or mental, scuba diving will help you deal with a lot of your health concerns. For example, the most obvious perk is that it will greatly develop your limb muscles to help you swim. Further, it improves your co-ordination and focus on any given task because you are trained to be alert all the time and maintain your balance. Because you propel your body with your feet, this will also be an ultimate exercise that will help you get your feet moving and supple. Additionally, the mental health benefits are also many. Including refreshing your mind, a distraction from your daily hassles and an overall better creative headspace, the list goes on.

Some things to keep in mind

Remember, wherever you chose to go with Pursueit, you can rest assured the quality is perfect. But you should still be careful while booking classes and ensure that the instructors are in line with your pace and your abilities. Another safety tip is to verify the equipment available is of good quality before you proceed. Thirdly, there is no upper age cap on this watersport, so no matter what age you are, make sure you have this once in a lifetime experience!


Scuba diving in dubai | pursueit

Closing Thoughts

Finally, while scuba diving is adventurous and fun, the most important thing to remember is that nothing matters more than your safety. If you want to go scuba diving in Dubai, don’t just simply do it without prior knowledge. Similarly, don’t just read about it on Google and purchase expensive gear and try it. That being said, always look for the best options available for you to learn more before trying things new. With Pursueit offering you exceptional classes for scuba diving in Dubai, you get the chance to actually research, learn and grow in this sport. Apart from that, we also ensure our instructors are all qualified to handle any skill level thrown at them. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, don’t worry, we know what’s right for you! Leave your inhibitions at the door, it’s time to start exploring! You start living, diving, exploring when you #GoPursueit!

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