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Kickboxing Your Way To 2022

Have you ever felt like you have so much pent-up energy inside you? Or that you want to punch something to let some frustration out? Maybe you’ve even done it? Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you. Although this spontaneous burst of aggression seems enough, what if we told you there’s an even better way of channeling all the energy you have inside you into something much more healthier? Enter, kickboxing. Whether for fun or for stress relief, kickboxing is an excellent choice for a hobby. Pursueit is offering the best kickboxing classes in Dubai that’s going to make you fall in love with the sport. Coupled with the right coach, regular kickboxing classes will encourage you to start living your life a different way!


So, what is kickboxing?

Kickboxing a palate of so many different forms of other martial arts. From karate to boxing, kickboxing borrows from so many different sports that the benefits it has is also tenfold. Although kicking is implied from the name, this sport expands beyond just that. Especially when it comes to applying every inch of your body, kickboxing uses your hands, feet, and elbows.

With its origins in Asia, kickboxing was first used by Siamese soldiers in the 11th century! Since then, it has evolved into a type of physical exercise, recreational activity, hobby, skill, self-defense and even into a commercialized sports event industry. Therefore, with its establishment as a sporting event, kickboxing gained popularity and now has established rules governing it. What are you waiting for? Head over to our website and search for “kickboxing classes near me” and find the best teachers at the most affordable prices!

Scared? Don’t be.

Pursueit’s kickboxing classes will help you prepare your body for high energy workouts. Moreover, you’ll get tons of encouragement that will keep you motivated throughout the course of the class. Remember, you set your limits. Whether you’re tired or scared, identify your boundaries and the teachers will help you grow at your pace. Checking for “kickboxing classes near me” will get you the best deals that are accessible and affordable for you. With lesser time wasted in traveling, your body is ready to handle the challenges kickboxing brings! So, whether you’re scared about the sport itself or even the logistics like time, cost, location, Pursueit provides you the best options in Dubai for you to choose from.

Grow at your pace

Whether you choose private classes or whether you choose group classes, our instructors will make sure you’re familiar with each step before you move forward. Moreover, each kick and punch and their combinations are detailed to you in theory and practice. Thus, you understand all aspects of the movement before you go ahead in class. Pursueit’s instructors are trained to push you to reach the next level, but at your own pace.

Don’t sweat it. But…sweat it. Huh?

If you’re getting ready to kickbox, that means you’re getting ready to sweat! Kickboxing is an intense blend of cardio and core strength training. Moreover, it stimulates so many different muscles in your body that you’re going to feel the burn after one session. So yeah, don’t sweat the small stuff and worry whether it’s the right class or not. But definitely sweat it all out and let your body release all the pent-up energy inside you! A quick “kickboxing near me” search is going to yield so many results, so make sure you head over to Pursueit to select your class so that you know how each of these classes is tailor made to ensure maxim output from each session.

Kickboxing near me

You’re all you need

The best part about kickboxing is that apart from gloves, the only equipment you need is you. With no additional equipment needed, kickboxing is the ultimate beginners sport too! Even better, with Pursueit classes, you don’t even need gloves because we provide them. Further, the other two important essentials you need are already there – the right environment to begin your instruction and the right instructor to guide you. At Pursueit, we guarantee you that we’ll make sure you make the best of your time.


Remember, there’s no point in going through with this if you’re not having fun! Kickboxing is an adventurous activity that will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Especially with the various health benefits it has, it is an unbelievably fun activity that can soon turn into a passion or a hobby. Whether you chose to do it as a solo venture or a group session with your loved ones, it can be engaging and exciting. From being a healthy outlet for energy to releasing endorphins, kickboxing is one of the healthiest routes to take.

To summarize, just one Pursueit session of martial arts is enough to get you riled up for the whole course! Additionally, the classes are led by exceptional professionals who will ensure your progress and well-being every step of the way. In 2022, let your resolution be to live more and learn more. Head over to our website, search for “kickboxing classes near me” and #GoPursueit!

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