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The Best Defense Techniques for Kickboxing

When you think about different techniques of kickboxing, you may think about aggressive and strength-based moves. However, if you’ve searched for “boxing classes near me” you’ll find that these classes center a lot more around strategies and principles that play a crucial role in building you as a kickboxer or a boxer. Further, these kickboxing classes encourage you to dump all your prejudices about violent kickboxing to embrace the actual sport. Kickboxing is based on a set of principles that will help you succeed in your classes. Especially because these techniques are essential for your actual growth in this sport.

Here, Pursueit will take you on a journey of discipline. We’ll tell you the basic principles or techniques on which kickboxing is based on. Further, we’ll also give you a little bit of insight on how to improve them if you already know it. Remember, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these techniques are essential and will make a huge difference.  Keep reading to find out all about it!



This is a crucial part of any sport. All the classes you get for “boxing classes near me” will teach this to you like a holy commandment. Especially when you’re readying yourself, you must accurately understand how much distance is there between you and the person. Especially because this plays a role in how your energy is expended. If you misjudge and defend, all your energy will go to waste regardless of how powerfully you did it. Too slow and you won’t be able to generate any power, too fast and they can intercept your kicks. Therefore, finding the right balance between distance and effort is the ultimate technique to ace kickboxing. As soon as you fine-tune your distancing technique, your body is ready to make decisions for itself.

Distancing techniques also vary 

Distancing in kickboxing can either be full, half, or close. Full distance refers to a distance between your attacker and you where you can reach them with your legs fully stretched. On the other hand, half distance is when they’re reachable with your arms full or partially extended. And lastly, close, means that the person is close enough for you to implement other techniques like uppercuts and hooks. Therefore, clearly there is a wide array of moves to figure out the technique that suits you best. However, we suggest you practice kickboxing with all the distances to ensure you can ace any situation.

Defense, Discipline and Strength

Remember, kickboxing and other martial arts is never about attacking. It’s about defense, discipline, and strength. Especially with kickboxing, we must understand different techniques to boost our defense responses so we can come out on top in any situation. Additionally, sometimes we might find ourselves in a spot with someone stronger than us. Obviously, the best option here is to switch to your strongest defense techniques.

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Here’s a list of some commonly used defense techniques in kickboxing:

Parry: Redirecting or deflecting attacks without changing its momentum.

Return: You respond with a new move right after you did a parry to catch the other person off-guard.

Block: The most basic defense technique – you stop whatever attack is targeted at you.

Rolling: The famous line “rolling with the punches” comes from this technique. Here, you move away from the attack by moving in the same direction it’s going.

Dodge: You defend by changing your position or moving your body wholly or partially from the attack.

Sidestep: Using movements like pivoting and stepping back, you move out of the way of the attack.


Feints is a clever technique used in kickboxing that is often seen as an attempt to fool the attacker. Especially because it serves two purposes: one as a defense move for you and the other as a deceptive tool. Obviously, the better your skill and practice, the better your feinting moves will be. Of course, you must execute feinting moves as you would your normal moves for it to be effective. Especially in kickboxing, feinting can be an excellent defense move where you can affect the opponent psychologically.  The anticipation of a kick or a punch can render them momentarily confused which gives you a window.


Final Thoughts

To summarize, these techniques or principles will definitely improve your kickboxing skills. From karate to boxing, kickboxing borrows from so many different sports that the benefits it has are also tenfold. Pursueit’s “boxing classes near me” will help you prepare your body for high-energy workouts. Moreover, you’ll get tons of encouragement that will keep you motivated throughout the course of the class. So, all the techniques that you just read about, you will have a place to practice and master them. Additionally, the classes are led by exceptional professionals who will ensure your progress and well-being every step of the way. Kickboxing is a wonderful martial arts form that will go a long way in changing your training and workout regime. However, it’s always important to have the right kind of guidance and time so you can learn this the right way. With Pursueit, we can guarantee you this. All that is left is a little bit of push from your end – set your mind to it, and #GoPursueIt!

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