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Rohidh Kanagot | (2 reviews)
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Learn how to add dimension to your creation and make them pop out of the canvas. With our handmade 3D art class learn how to create sculptures and three-dimensional paintings. You can design these on a canvas as well as on your wall Students will learn to project the artwork in 3 dimensions and will learn the basics of sculpting and carving using painting knives and tools.

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No prior experience needed

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Materials depend on the no of classes: 40 * 40 cm canvas - 4 classes 60 * 60 cm canvas - 8 classes It depends on the design and dimension of the wall or paper you choose for the art regarding the number of classes.

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Rohidh Kanagot
Rohidh Kanagot

Rohidh hails from Calicut, Kerala, a coastal city in Southern India. He graduated from Chitra Kala Parishath, Karnataka, India in Visual Arts and pursued his Post graduation in Graphic Design from Istituto Superio De Design which is the first institute in Southern Italy that operates in the field of professional academic training for fashion design, graphic design, interior & industrial design. He is presently an art teacher at a renowned institute in Dubai and freelances for corporate proje .. cts.

Notable Experience:
Art Teacher - Mother Theresa School (Naples, Italy)
Freelance Designer - for Small and Large Multi-National Retail Chains
Received Awards for Paintings and Art Works


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