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Infinity Creative Art | (15 reviews)
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10 + years
Group Activity
Plazzo Heights, District 10, Street 9, Jumeriah Village Circle
1 Sessions 30 Days Validity Duration: 120 Mins
AED 420

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Mandala are characterized by repetitive patterns in concentric shapes, (circles, triangles, squares, etc). In many spiritual practices, a mandala represents the entire Universe. Instructor takes artists step-by-step, creating beautiful mandala symbolism. Instructor talks about shape and color that reflect the meaning of the shapes used in the drawing. Art can be painted with acrylics or ceramic cone — how to make cone and other product will be introduced art is your chance to express yourself. Instructor offers suggestions on how to balance repetitive shapes and patterns. You'll also learn about how to select the best colors.

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Infinity Creative Art
Infinity Creative Art

Often a single image can speak many languages and has the power to express so much; a feeling, an emotion or perhaps an entire story, something words cannot often portray.

I, Priyanka am a contemporary fine artist who lives and works in Dubai, UAE. My early artistic inclination and aspiration have become fully realized as a career which has brought me recognition as an accomplished artist.

Nurturing an avid and explorative mind, my hands always dance to the consta .. nt compelling rhythm of creativity that my mind produces. Art is the personality of one’s inner self, without that understanding, one cannot create. All my creations are special to me and designed to outlast several lifetimes and provide beautiful, bright, vivid colors, delivering the essence of an original piece with clarity.

Let's paint with Infinity Creative Art classes! Our Classes are for all age groups and levels including Adult, Kids, Teens, Elementary and Intermediate. The aura, atmosphere of Infinity Creative Art itself gives our students a positive approach in their journey of exploring the beautiful side of the artwork. We guarantee our students to graduate at each level as they learn directly from an inspirational artist like Priyanka.


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