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1-on-1 Swimming Lesson

CF Swimming Academy | (1 review)
Sorry, this option is currently not available. Fill out the form to show your interest and we'll see if we can schedule a slot for you. In the meantime, feel free to browse our hundreds of other exciting options.

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Private classes are aimed at those who want and need that extra instructor time and focus to help them learn or develop their skills. Individual focus creates an atmosphere that ma

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The coach is authorized to provide classes anywhere in Springs Area. After booking the class, the coach will contact you to discuss convenient location within springs.

Additional fees and materials

Appropriate swimming costume is needed for the class.

Partner Details

CF Swimming Academy
CF Swimming Academy

CF Sports Services has been operating in the UAE since 1997, it's made up of 2 departments (CF swimming and CF Tennis).

CF swimming has both fully qualified male and female coaches from the UK and South Africa.

CF swimming teaches throughout Dubai and specializes in private lessons and home visits.


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1-on-1 Swimming Lesson
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