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Indonesian Batik Art Class

Luna Nguyen
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12 + years
Group Activity
1 Session 30 Days Validity Duration: 120 Mins
AED 495
3 Sessions 45 Days Validity Duration: 120 Mins
AED 1335
6 Sessions 60 Days Validity Duration: 120 Mins
AED 2520

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Batik is an ancient art of Southeast Asia, Indonesia that is originally come from Java island. The painting process uses wax to create elaborate patterns and designs, once complete

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What are the painting techniques? 📍How to create your patterns or using an image of your choice, 📍How to use wax and apply onto the fabric, 📍How to use dye or paint colors, 📍How to remove the wax. Instructor can help you with sourcing the right type of materials for the class

Additional fees and materials

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist this workshop is suitable for all.

Partner Details

Luna Nguyen
Luna Nguyen

Luna is a multi-culture contemporary artist, art teacher, jewelry designer, passionate cook, romantic poet, and book writer. She loves what she does and believes that through Art, she will contribute much more to our world, by sharing my skills to people whether it is painting, cooking, or writing.

Art allows people from different cultures and times communicate through images that told stories, connecting generations between the past and the future, the old and the new. That was t .. he same moment when she realized that she should do what she loves and what brings out the best in her, and that is creating Art.

She finds that silk, in particular, is quite practical and imaginative to work with, and has developed this technique by designing her mesmerizing Silk Art combining with a unique style of hand embroidery.

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Indonesian Batik Art Class
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