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Robotics Programming (VEX IQ)

STEMA Training and Development Center
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Afternoon STEAM classes offer children a unique perspective into various different topics. This beginners class engages the children build and program advanced robots, solve re

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Pursue VEX IQ Robotics course and join regional, national, and international competitions!

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You will receive an internationality attested certificate at end of each course.

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STEMA Training and Development Center
STEMA Training and Development Center

STEMA is internationally accredited STEM organization, and KHDA approved specialized center, we introduce STEM/ STEAM education in the new paradigm shift of education where learners should learn real-life scenarios and solve real-life problems that require using the knowledge of integrated disciplines. STEMA Support students education to be decision makers, problem solvers, lifelong learners, creators and innovators. STEMA offers developed series of age-appropriate programs designed to enhance .. 21st century skills such as teamwork, coding, problem solving and analytical skills.

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Robotics Programming (VEX IQ)
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