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Sumeet Anand

Sumeet is a Dhrupad vocalist belonging to Darbhanga tradition. Grand son of (Padmashree) Pandit Siyaram Tiwari and disciple of Pandit Abhay Narayan Mallick, he is a performer, teacher, festival curator and organiser, collaborator, writer and researcher.

Sumeet is a progressive traditionalist and that is true of his musical expressions as well. His childhood training under his grandfather Shri Birendra Mohan Pandey {Son and disciple of (Bihar Ratna) Pandit Ram Prasad Pandey} and oc .. casional guidance from his maternal grandfather Pandit Siyaram Tiwari gave him a solid foundation.

He is an empanelled artist of Indian Council of Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R) and he has presented Dhrupad recitals in Berlin, Hague, London, Prague, Budapest and Paris. Besides being a Dhrupad vocalist, Sumeet collaborates with a range of musicians and genres from all over the world. He also puts his research and management experience to the service of music as a festival curator, organiser, thinker, speaker, writer and trainer.

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