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The Magic Academy

The Magic Academy, an online magic school based in Dubai. The Magic Academy was founded by Fred Sharp one of the region’s most seasoned professional magicians and offer our live magic lessons to students across the middle-east and around the world.

Our lessons and magic camps are aimed at beginners who want to fast track their learning by learning directly with professionals! Now is your opportunity to learn illusions and tricks that will entertain your family, astound your f .. riends and impress just about everyone else. The secrets you’ll master will open a whole new realm of knowledge to you and we promise you fun along the way.

All of our magic instructors are leading entertainment specialists and full time professional magicians with many years of performing experience. Our lessons cover all age groups from 5 to 99 (& older of course) and all abilities. All that we ask is you bring with you a desire to learn new skills and some enthusiasm!

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