Kids Karate Classes: A 101 Guide

For children, getting enrolled in a kids karate class is one of the most fun things they can do. Because they’re so full and fueled with energy, as parents, there’s always a need to find someplace where you can help them channel it to something more productive, more result-oriented and of course, viable with their filled days of school and homework. Therefore, it’s no surprise that kids karate classes are the go-to activity to engage children in. Despite many parents being worried about martial arts increasing aggressive qualities in children, it’s been proven to be quite the opposite. In fact, martial arts have been said to increase physical and mental strength in children.

How young is too young to teach my kids karate?

While it might seem like a really pressing question and you might choose to teach your kids karate in their later years, we’re going to throw a very scientific fact, supported by professionals across the globe: children can start kids karate classes as young as six! We know, it’s a lot to take in. But usually by six, kids have developed the basic muscle strength and flexibility to start applying it practically. Karate, like every other martial arts depends a lot on strength training and control. As kids reach six, they have enough agility and control to channel their energy into the different technique’s karate uses.

However, if you want to start training your kids younger than that, it’s possible! But it’s important to consider different factors if you’re looking to enroll your younger than six. Obviously, ensure that the trainer is very familiar with kids karate. Although this sounds like a tip from Captain Obvious, the important thing here is to differentiate the age group the instructors work with – because for (even) younger kids, more than learning the techniques and the art itself, experts will focus on developing their coordination and focus. It’s all about doing your due diligence before starting! With Pursueit, we’ll do it for you. So, head over to Pursueit and search for kids karate classes to find the best of the best in Dubai!

Here are some of the best benefits of getting your enrolling your little ones in kids karate classes:

Developing their self-discipline: Kids karate classes are led by exceptional professionals who know how to teach children the right pillars to start. Especially because they have to learn orders, commands, and techniques from the teacher, they soon learn self-discipline as a virtue. Whether it’s being on time for the classes or a simple kick, karate can transform the little ones phenomenally.

Self-Defense: It goes without saying that kids karate classes are one of the best places for children to learn self-defense. Besides just learning it, the most important thing is that they learn it right and from the correct teacher. Learning how to protect yourself and defend yourself in any situation is a skill everyone must have. Therefore, teaching kids karate and other martial arts from a very young age will help them develop better.

Physical and mental growth: Of course, it goes without saying that kids karate classes will transform your child physically and mentally. From the warmup to the actual techniques and moves they practice; karate is a taxing activity. However, it’s also one of the most rewarding activities to have your child enrolled in. With constant practice, they develop excellent core strength and agility. Most of the techniques are also heavily dependent on flexibility, stealth, and speed which kids are taught. Besides the physical training they will undergo, its important to know that these qualities can only be developed (and maintained, of course) when kids are also taught resilience, perseverance and determination to practice and keep them honed.

A natural pill for self-esteem: Kids karate classes play a huge role in boosting the confidence and self esteem of the little ones. Of course, being physically strong and being able to take care of themselves play a huge role in that. The knowledge that they will be able to handle any situation thrown at them toughens them up. It also affects the way they look at themselves and how they handle things. Because of all the physical and mental benefits we addressed before, children are able to grow comfortably into their skin.

Makes them team players: Kids karate classes, just like other activities targeted for kids usually filled with eager little tots. However, unlike other activities, karate classes can be more challenging both physically and mentally. Therefore, it’s easy for conflicts and differences of opinions to rise. Because it can be a tense environment, children are taught to resolve conflicts amicably from a young age. Apart from learning to work with each other, they also learn to help each other if a fellow learner is in a rough and tough spot – whether it’s by helping them with a technique, or even quite literally being a punching bag for the other person to perfect a punch. Additionally, practicing together makes them more mindful and to treat each and every person equally and respectfully.

Most importantly, this part comes after enrolling your child: ensure that your child is actually enjoying the sessions. While children are notorious for their boundless energy, it’s easy for us to assign them an activity we think is productive. But after a couple of kids karate sessions, ensure you check in with them to ensure they’re engaged. And of course, if they do love it, encourage them! Pursueit can help you find the right instructors to guide your little ones. All you have to do is to push them to #GoPursueIt!

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