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Zentangle Art Online Class

Artz by Aaishwarya | (2 reviews)
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9 + years
Group Activity
1 Session 15 Days Validity Duration: 60 Mins
AED 99

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Zentangle is an art form where the artists draws repetitive, simple patterns. Usually the patterns are drawn using a black marker on white paper and sometimes the artist will color them in. The patterns can be various forms of hash lines, circles, triangles, squares, flowers, spirals, paisleys, etc. The overall image can be something familiar like a bird or a flower, or any geometric or abstract shape. This art form is not only interesting but also therapeutic and promotes concentration. Zentangle method is an easy to learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Join this worksop to relax and sketch!

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The class is conducted using material easily available at home. Materials needed for the class are : Sheets of paper Pen

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Online class will take place via Zoom or similar tool. Upon booking, a member of staff will contact you to share details and material.

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Artz by Aaishwarya
Artz by Aaishwarya

Aishwarya an art enthusiast loves teaching different forms to students of all age groups. She has been doing mandala art since 2011 and has found a deep interest in the art form. She also spends her time reading up on the history, the prominence of Mandala art and improvising on the designs.


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Zentangle Art Online Class
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