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Private Acting Classes (9 yrs onwards)

Theatre Classes by Rashmi Kotriwala
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1 Session 30 Days Validity Duration: 45 Mins
AED 200
5 Sessions 45 Days Validity Duration: 45 Mins
AED 950

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Looking to Pursue acting as a hobby and looking to enhance your skills for a professional gig, this private acting class is ideal for you This private class is designed to hone acting skills towards a particular goal. A set of 5 sessions will be designed to work on a monologue/ play to present either at an audition or a stage show or event. They can be custom designed to suit the need of the participants. This one on one mentoring can include directorial ideas, to hone overall acting skills, or specific areas that may need work on like Voice modulation, Facial expressions, Body language or diction. Or simply create a new stage piece.

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Participants should being a pen and diary to the class. Facilitator will provide and coordinate opportunity for graded Trinity learning as well for interested participants

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Theatre Classes by Rashmi Kotriwala
Theatre Classes by Rashmi Kotriwala

Rashmi Kotriwala is a well-known thespian of Dubai. She is the Founder /Owner of the most popular community Performing Arts’ space of Dubai called The Junction

She has acted in, directed and produced several full length and short plays in both English and Hindi languages over a period of 35 years.

She recently launched her own theatre classes called En_Act, with the aim of equipping children and adults with the basic understanding of stagecraft through practical .. learning. She believes that Stage has the ability to transform you and that everyone can benefit greatly through theatre. She has won several awards for her creative endeavors over the years.

She has mentored hundreds of performers in in Dubai and Kolkata and trained actors who have moved to Tollywood and Bollywood to pursue their acting careers. Plays directed by her in Dubai include Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Beemar, 12 Angry Jurors, Andhon Ka Haathi and Perfect Stillness.

She has also acted in Still Dancing, Seven Interviews, Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya Woh Jamya hi Nahi, Bhor Ke Raaahi, Yaar Julahe etc. She is also a poet and playwright.

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Private Acting Classes (9 yrs onwards)
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