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Private Hatha Yoga Class with Juliana

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1 Session 15 Days Validity Duration: 60 Mins
AED 300
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Hatta yoga is typically slow-paced with a focus on proper alignment, where we usually hold the main poses for 5 breathes each. As we use our breath to hold to clear the mind as we keep the poses, Hatha Yoga might also add many other benefits, such as less anxiety; better balance; fitness improvements; ability to treat pain, lower BMI and blood pressure, reduce menopausal symptoms, help manage chronic diseases, improve mental health, and more. In my Hatha Yoga sessions, we start with a small guided meditation to bring ourselves to the present moment, followed by pranayama (breathing exercise) to prepare our breath for the practice and then the asanas (poses) sequence. During the sequence, we go through a series of movements that can even be customized as per clients' needs/desires of the specific moment or following a practice routine developed for that day. Usually, in every sequence we prepare the body for a ""peak pose"" (or a variety of postures like standing poses, reclining poses, balance poses, and twists), and then we cool down the body, adding counterposes, leading the body for final relaxation in savanasa. Hatha Yoga is great for everybody! So, if you are new to yoga, want to focus on your core strength or posture, or want to maximize stress reduction, these slower, more relaxed paces flows are ideal for you! Flow with me! "

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Juliana Herrera is a fully motivated and energetic Brazilian, married, living in Dubai, and after 17 years of business corporate experience in sales and marketing for several industries, she decided to change life completely driven by this new passion: Yoga.

She keeps her daily practice since she moved to Dubai, and with that, she felt the call for this new journey: to commit on spread the Yoga benefits beyond the asanas and inspire others to take this beautiful and rewarding pat .. h improving wellness all around.

Within a multi-style graduation background (Yin, Hatha, Nidra, Vinyasa, Ashtanga basic half primary series, and Aerial) and experienced in teaching different levels of students in English and Portuguese languages.

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Private Hatha Yoga Class with Juliana
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