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Adults Tennis (Mixed)

MVD Tennis Academy
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If you are a beginners and want to learn or if you are an intermediate player and are looking to improve techniques , this mixed adult group class is ideal for you. Our team of trained coaches have many years of experience working with people at different levels This program will cater to your development needs based on skill level with focus on advanced ball feeding drills for ground strokes from the baseline and volleys to the net , developing of rallying skills from the baseline, understanding the concept of various spins to be placed on the ball and introduction to match play.

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Tennis attire is a must for the class

Additional fees and materials

Please arrive 10 mins before the start of class

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MVD Tennis Academy
MVD Tennis Academy

The academy's mission is to enable amateur and professional tennis players to master the game throughout programmes that focus on their physical, tactical, technical and mental development. Aiming to help each customer make continuous progress and achieve their maximum potential, MVD Tennis Academy offers junior and adult. It boasts a team of experienced coaches that strive to match techniques and strategies to players' individual talents and needs.

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Adults Tennis (Mixed)
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