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Online Coding Class for Kids (Pystart Junior)

Penrose Learning Centre
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8 - 11 years
Group Activity
12 Sessions 90 Days Validity Duration: 60 Mins
AED 1100
24 Sessions 180 Days Validity Duration: 60 Mins
AED 2015

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The Coding Foundation Program is taught using the Python Programming Language using Text Based Code. Python is the world’s most preferred programming language for new learners and foundation to further STEM programs. This coding class will prepare your child for further advanced STEM programs. - The course is delivered by experienced Coding Mentors. - Students have access to a learning portal with a large collection of Code samples and Projects. - Each student has easy access to his or her mentor to answer their queries and progress their learning effectively. - Each chapter is designed to keep the programming concepts simple but at the same time highly relevant to today’s real-world applications. WHAT CAN YOUR CHILD EXPECT TO LEARN? Sessions 1 to 12 Introduction to Turtle Graphics Colorful Mathematical Shapes User Interaction Conditional Statements Smiling Emoji Using Turtle Graphics Loops The Random Module Geometric Patterns and Rainbow Effect Project 1 - Captain America Project 2 - Kangaroo Sessions 13 to 24 Variables and Functions Strings and Numbers If Statements Random is Fun Loops - For and While Infinite Loop Iteration Build Custom Functions

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PRE-REQUISITES - Suitable for absolute beginners - Knowledge of Scratch or other Block Coding Programs would be helpful but not compulsory - A good aptitude in Math is an advantage

Additional fees and materials

The session will be conducted by a Professional Coding Mentor via a Web Meeting. Upon booking the mentor will contact with details of the coding session

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Penrose Learning Centre
Penrose Learning Centre

Penrose aims to build a strong foundation of varied skill sets through mentoring and real-world application of knowledge

Since Nov 2015, Penrose has been actively involved in providing a high level of quality After-School Programs catering to the learning needs of today's young learners. Our approach in applying Mentoring has been instrumental in achieving an increased level of skill adoption from our student community.

We invest heavily on our skill-sets to pr .. ovide a rich learning experience. We are a KHDA Approved Institute with our core team of Mentors being together since late 2015. Our learning methodology is focussed towards individual and small groups translating in high skill adoption.

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Online Coding Class for Kids (Pystart Junior)
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