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SIMBR Sports was just a humble start-up back in 2015 when they took the initiative of making sports facilities accessible to the general public at reasonable rates and, at the same time, bringing the touch of career-making in the arena of sports. SIMBR was just a few sports enthusiasts who sat together and realized that they shared similar dreams of promoting sports in this region of UAE; hence, they improvised resources and took the first step towards establishing a world-class sports academy i .. n Dubai. When SIMBR started, there were quite a lot of personal coaching options for sports in the UAE but almost all of them were either privately organized on a smaller scale or not legally registered as a sports authority. So the need was to come up with a tentative solution because, in the past, UAE didn’t have many registered facilities for anyone who wants to officially pursue sports as a lifetime career. So SIMBR, which was first just a group of passionate friends, embarked on the journey of creating something big. And today, it has resulted in the making of a prestigious sports academy.

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