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We’re living in an age where most of our children spend a lot of time with screens. For Generation Alpha - that is, children born after 2010 - they do not know a world without social media, hyper-connectivity, or instant answers to their constant stream of questions.

Technology has incredible benefits for children. However, it is important to be aware of some of the challenges that this generation faces as a result of this new world that we live in and to try and strike a bal .. ance that will allow children to benefit from all that technology has to offer, whilst still being highly engaged in the real world.

SuperMoves was created to address these challenges by furnishing kids with skills required to prosper in this fast changing world. This program combines strategy games that have proven brain benefits with super fun physical team activities to get kids thinking critically, moving around, collaborating to solve problems – and most of all having great ‘real-world’ fun.

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