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Embroidered Canvas Art with Brunch

Turquoise Boutique Studio
Sorry, this option is currently not available. Fill out the form to show your interest and we'll see if we can schedule a slot for you. In the meantime, feel free to browse our hundreds of other exciting options.

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Enjoy a chill Saturday morning practicing two relaxing art forms (painting and embroidery) in the viral DIY project that everyone is talking about. You will create a totally unique

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Check prerequisites

No previous painting or embroidering experience is necessary, and this workshop is suitable for all skill levels including absolute beginners.

Additional fees and materials

The workshop includes all materials and 3-course breakfast

Partner Details

Turquoise Boutique Studio
Turquoise Boutique Studio

Turquoise Boutique Studio is creative arts company with a mission to make it easy for people of all ages to be creative in their everyday life and during special occasions, through modern and inventive diy event activities, team building experiences, workshops, diy kits and online tutorials.

Scientifically, creativity and happiness are linked. Creative diy art projects lower stress levels, improve wellbeing and bring families, friends, colleagues and strangers closer together. .. They provide meaningful experiences for tourists, students and customers alike, along with a unique and engaging marketing opportunity for businesses looking to do something fresh!

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Embroidered Canvas Art with Brunch
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