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Classical guitar teacher, performer, conductor, and graduate of the renowned Academy of Musical and Dance Art in Bulgaria, Valentin Spasov is a music educator certified by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education. His extensive artistic experience includes work with the National Opera of Ruse and the city’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

To his professional acclaim, Spasov has been featured in several albums for classical guitar recordings such as Radio Tempo (1994) and has published Classi .. cal Guitar Course for Beginners Volume 1. In a pioneering spirit, Spasov is credited with the creation of the guitar faculty at the Hristo Botev School where he taught as well as founding two orchestras during his career to date.

Earning awards in festivals like the IX-th Festival of Classic Guitar and Chamber Formations, he regularly participates in European-wide events such as traveling the continent singing with the Sounds of Danube Choir. With more than two decades of teaching experience, Spasov continuously maintains his performance and teaching skills.

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