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Private Crepe & Waffle Making Masterclass

Mamalu Kitchen | (2 reviews)
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1 Session 30 Days Validity Duration: 120 Mins
AED 800

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Discover the art of making delicious crepes and waffles with our private masterclass. Led by an experienced instructor, this hands-on session is perfect for beginners and food enthusiasts alike.

In this 2-hour class, you will learn how to create mouth-watering crepes, waffles from scratch using high-quality ingredients and simple techniques. You'll also get insider tips on how to perfect your batter consistency, adjust the heat for optimal cooking, and achieve that perfect golden-brown finish. You can choose from any 1 of the 3 options below:

Option 1: Sweet Creps

  • Mango crepes with maple, lime and a ricotta filling.
  • Classic French crepes with homemade lemon curd
  • Lemon crepes with almond mascarpone
  • Crepes Suzette

Option 2: Savory Crepes

  • Spinach and smoked salmon crepes with a lemon and garlic cream
  • Savoury pesto mushroom crepes
  • Crispy crepe with meat and veggie filling
  • Buckwheat Turkish spinach galette

Option 3: Waffles

  • Whole wheat oat waffles with berry compote and cream
  • Southern fried chicken with waffles and honey mustard
  • Matcha Waffles with Mango and coconut cream
  • Waffles with caramelized banana and nuts 

Whether you're looking to impress your family and friends at your next brunch, or simply want to indulge in some decadent treats, this private masterclass is the perfect opportunity to refine your cooking skills and elevate your culinary repertoire.


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Mamalu Kitchen
Mamalu Kitchen

Raised between Lebanon and the UK, Lama has always had a passion for cooking since the age of 4. Mamalu Kitchen was inspired by Lama's 3 boys and the desire to help fellow mothers and families simplify their day-to-day lives without having to worry about feeding their family fuss-free, healthy food.

The first concept launched under the Mamalu Kitchen brand in 2016 was healthy cooking classes for nannies and housekeepers, with recipes offered in their native language from tra .. ditional Arabic cuisine to how to cook for the ultimate dinner party. That venture was shortly followed by cooking classes for mothers/children, schools, couples, corporations, and husbands.

Mamalu Kitchen is creating a cooking movement under the slogan #feedingfamilies. By engaging every single member of the household/family and various members of the community to be involved and empowered by cooking, Mamalu Kitchen is enabling a lifestyle change in the region. This "cooking movement" is leading families to live healthier and happier lives.


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