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10 Sessions 30 Days Validity Duration: 60 Mins
AED 1999

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Looking to stay fit and fabulous? Looking for do it with a friend or a partner? This is an ideal package for you! Working out, eating right and daily exercising is the right way to achieve it! Our personal trainers will inspires you to work hard to remain fit and healthy. Our experienced personal trainers will do an assessment session to create a workout plan as per your needs and objectives which may include: 1. Functional training is very literal. It is done as a workout to improve your overall strength and balance. Functional training gives your whole body a workout and builds muscles that you use in your everyday life. Perhaps most of the time during functional training you won’t even use equipment or weights. Many of the exercises require you to use only your body weight, then if you need more of a challenge, you can incorporate weights like dumbbells, kettle bells, battle ropes, and many more. These workouts are self-limiting, which means you can only put your body through what it can physically handle. This type of training removes most chance for injury. This type of training aims to increase the physical parameters of the individuals without strict reference to the intensity and exercise time and fosters physical qualities. Functional training implies a great fitness orientation, and, consequently, it is based on a healing method, and not work solely for the sake of a sports result. 2. CrossFit training aims to prepare your body for any challenge you might throw at it. It can be very competitive and demanding, with workouts broken down into timed events for individuals to compete against each other. With multiple types of exercises to perform, each requiring different techniques, your body is constantly adapting to new scenarios that can dramatically boost your fitness levels. CrossFit also trains the psyche like willpower, discipline, character. High- intensity loads are repeated in circles, exhausting the individuals. In such a situation, when you are at the peak of exhaustion and you have a desire to give up everything, it is just that your mental parameters are trained and the ability to overcome yourself, to show stamina, and accomplish the impossible. 3. Kickboxing involves a wide range of activities. Kickboxers train their feet, hands, knees, elbows, among other parts of their body. Not only do they learn how to use these body parts, but they also learn the art of defense. 4. Boxing with focus on workout using punches We’ll help you stay motivated and hit your health goals.

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This package is for two people joining toeghter. Open for beginners and intermediates. 50% discount is available for new customers only. Upon renewal, customer will pay full price

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This includes FREE weekly nutrition plan and access to instructor for the duration of the package

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Volcano PT Club
Volcano PT Club

Tired of going to traditional gyms?

Want to preserve your health or even gain a graceful body?
Are your attempts unsuccessful because you were unable to stay committed? Are you bored of that basic fitness environment that lacks experience in leading yourself to achieve your goals?

Look no further, with Volcano PT Club, we strive to create a workout environment where everyone feels accepted and respected. We provide you with your own personal trainers that hav .. e the highest level of experience, so they are well prepared in helping you reach your goals!

Our services are supported by a mobile application to facilitate the selection of training dates, follow up of your personally designed diet, supporting you during every meal with the proper guidance of appropriate nutritional supplements and even to answer any questions throughout your day that's solely related to your personal fitness journey.

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