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Personal Training with Julius | (1 review)
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AED 4250

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If you wait, the only thing that happens is you get older! Don't wait, start your fitness journey today! In this 1-hour private class, you will work closely with a professional fitness coach to get your body in shape. On the first session, the instructor do an assessment and tailor the plan based on your goals and fitness level. You will experience a full-body workout that will sculpt your body and strengthen your core. The session will include • How to sculpt your body • Strengthen your core • Use a variety of weights and body weights • Fun workouts combining strength and agility drills

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Personal Training with Julius
Personal Training with Julius

Julius Kamoga is a highly motivating and client focused certified personal trainer & sports nutritionist with 10yrs of experience. Training clients under their limitations & abilities to reach their goals & live a healthy lifestyle. I create an enjoyable client workout session with a great relation leading to greater results, working out with my clients is the interesting thing I do to help them achieve our goals.

Qualifications includes level 3 reps personal trainer, .. diploma in sports nutrition & customer care

Specialist in body transformation, weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain & strength training, boxing, kick boxing, flexibility & mobility training, injury rehab & recovery, aerobic capacity & cardiovascular endurance, nutrition advice, functional training, muscular endurance.


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