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Arabic for Beginners (Group)

Excellence Training Centre
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10 Sessions 60 Days Validity Duration: 120 Mins
AED 1000

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The aim of this unique course is to help non-native speakers build up “Conversational Arabic” skills. This course is based on most commonly used Arabic words from all dialects and will help you converse with Arabs regardless of your origin and country that you are visiting in this region. “Listen & Speak” method of Arabic training has proven to be fast, simple and effective for those who want a quick grasp of modern spoken Arabic language. This does not reply on writing or on reading the new language. Transliteration of Arabic words & phrases enables the student to learn the pronunciation in a natural way. By the end of the course you will be able to communicate using everyday phrases ( Greetings, farewells, gratitude), give basic instructions, use numbers and dates, use question words and build basic conversation, use the present tense and basic verbs, apply prepositions, share your biography, speak about your job, use important vocabulary for the office, state polite requests and basic business dialogues Our instructors are native speakers who have several years of experience teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. Instructors make the lessons fun and interactive where students really get to use the language and to think in the language in order to produce conversation, learning grammar rules, vocabulary and phrases

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Additional AED 150 (One-time Registration Fee) which includes study materials and course completion certificate, will be paid directly before the first class to Excellence Training Centre

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Upon booking, a member of staff will contact you to fix a schedule to start class within one week from the date of booking

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Excellence Training Centre
Excellence Training Centre

Excellence Training Centre was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2012, with the sole vision of fulfilling the language learning requirements of a multilingual community.
Today, the centre continues serving as one of the region’s major educational training providers with its expansion in offering a variety of course options. Not limited to languages, courses are also available for professional development, information technology, junior programs, tests preparation and corpora .. te trainings, promising quality training solutions in personal, and professional needs.
Located in the residential and business hubs of the Jumeirah Lake Towers, the centre has grown immensely since its inception, and welcomes students from individuals to corporates, juniors to adults.

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Arabic for Beginners (Group)
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