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Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Summer Theme Fun Art Class, Under the Sea Exploration Art Sessions, Van Gogh Signature Sunflowers Class


The Sunflower Story began over 10 years ago, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

When Creative Director Dawn Sahar was thinking about “what if people were inspired to learn art in a different way? What if people were taught to paint like the artists?” And not just taught to paint and draw using techniques and technical styles. And that’s where the sunflower seed was first sprouted.

After seeing a beautiful Van Gogh painting, she started to formulate some .. unique classes called Paint Like Van Gogh, and Paint Selfies like Picasso, and has been teaching them worldwide since 2008.

Then, after moving back home to Dubai, and completing a postgraduate degree in museum studies and project management at New York University, the Sunflowers bloomed to the next stage, with more classes, partners and suppliers, because with the right tools, instruction and motivation, we at SCS believe that everyone who tries can create beautiful artwork.

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