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Dr.Amit Tyagi has a Ph.d in Yogic Science & specializes in traditional gurukul teaching methods that he has obtained from Dev Sanskriti University,Haridwar, India.

Dr. Amit defines Yoga as a union of mind, body and breath that leads to improve strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness.

His Holistic healing approach helps finding balancing in physical, emotional and spiritual world of a person's life by bringing awareness about health and wellness in t .. he modern society.

With his great expertise in Hatha, Vinyasa, and deep stretches, vast studies in natural therapies, detoxification methods & Acupressure for healing, he focuses on this client base on his strong knowledge in Anatomy, physiology, alignment of Asanas, sequencing, and breath based techniques.

He is experienced in teaching all level students for Kids/Adults/Senior citizens with his experience of 16 years in this field.

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