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WoodCraft with Yazan | (1 review)
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1 Session 30 Days Validity Duration: 180 Mins
AED 1750

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Create your own unique wooden shelf to give your interiors a modern transformation! In this 3-hour private class, you will follow the steps of a woodwork expert to create your own 185cm x 120cm shelving unit. Building your own shelf may seem intimidating at first, but with the right tools and guidance, its actually pretty easy. Course outline: • How to choose the layout and calculate the dimensions of your shelf • How to connect the wooden pieces together • How to install lighting on your shelf • How to give the shelf a flawless finish and decorate it according to your preference

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WoodCraft with Yazan
WoodCraft with Yazan

Basmet Yazan is an experienced woodworker. His specialties include creating wooden and concrete artifacts, shelves, tables, and more. Basmet enjoys sharing his passion for woodwork and concrete with others and is determined to teach this wonderful craft to his students.


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