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STEM Classes (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Classes)

Explore robotics classes for kids and teens. We have classes in robotics, coding, web development, science camps, game design, and more. Book STEM classes in Dubai for elementary school kids or teens.

We offer some of the
best robotics courses for teens and kids in Dubai, UAE. Lego robotics courses and robotics for beginners are some of the most popular courses on the platform. 

Top institutes partner with PursueIt to offer these courses in robotics and
coding which includes web development and embedded technologies like raspberry pi and Arduino. 

The STEM classes range from basic coding classes for beginners to programming with Minecraft, introduction to drones, coding with python, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. 

Why STEM classes?

Students of today have to interact effectively and successfully in a world of automation. They may also choose to pursue ground-breaking ideas in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the future. 

It is hence important that they are comfortable interacting with automation, identify real-world problems, think creatively to solve them, communicate their ideas, and collaborate effectively. Encouraging such an attitude may very well start at a young age. Our STEM offerings on PursueIt does just this. 

If you are looking for other activities for stress relief or to achieve work-life balance through recreation, you can take up a range of activities available via PursueIt. We offer
yoga classes, dance fitness classes, martial arts classes such as karate classes and kung fu classes.

In performance arts, we cover
music classes, dance classes such as belly dancing classes, bollywood dancing classes, Latin American dancing classes, hip hop dance classes, and more. In sports classes, you will find football classes, swimming classes, skating classes, and many more.

art and craft classes are also popular hosting classes such as drawing classes, painting classes, resin art classes, candle making, perfume making classes, and other crafting sessions. We also offer cooking and baking classes for all ages.

Get the best deals and schedule a time that suits you. Register for the class that interests you and start your journey towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. 

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